Jasper Morrison + Vitra Will Help You Keep Your Desk Clean with Hexagonal Containers

British designer Jasper Morrison is no stranger to the Vitra family having collaborated with the Swiss brand on dozens of products over 30 years. The latest aims to keep messy desks from being overrun with too many small items that end up making it look cluttered and hard to work at. Bringing his knack for material and proportions, Morrison designed the Hexagonal Containers to hold pens and pencils, rulers, rubber bands, paper clips, and all the other tiny bits that seem to never have a home at your desk.

The compact ceramic containers come in three heights and feature six sides each allowing them to be neatly arranged together in any number of configurations on your office or home desk. The Hexagonal Containers come as sets of three and are available in three colors – dark green, rusty orange, or light grey.