Japanese Street Food Tour of Ameyoko Market (アメ横) | Tokyo, Japan

Japanese Street Food Tour of Ameyoko Market (アメ横) | Tokyo, Japan

Come join us for a Japanese Street Food Tour of Ameyoko Market (アメ横) located in Tokyo, Japan. This busy street market situated in between Ueno and Okachimachi stations is often referred to as Ameyoko (アメ横) which means Candy Store Alley. Aside from street food you can also clothes, bags and cosmetics along with spices, dried food, fish and a whole lot more. Typically the market is open between 10:00 to 22:00 (shops close earlier on Wednesdays) but your best bet for eating Japanese Street Food would be in the late afternoon or early evening. All in all we tried the following street food items:

1) Takyoyaki (たこ焼き) Octopus ball shaped snacks served with bonito flakes and sauces – 200 Yen ($1.77 USD)

2) Arirang Hotdog – Korean style street food hot dog deep-fried in batter with various toppings – 430 Yen ($3.81 USD)

3) Chocolate dipped fruit on a skewer (bananas and strawberries) – 300 to 350 Yen ($2.66 to 3.10 USD)

4) Spicy Japanese hot pot including various ingredients – 600 Yen ($5.33 USD)

5) Japanese Beer – I honestly forget the price but I think it might have been roughly 400 Yen ($3.55)

6) Yakitori 焼き鳥) – Japanese skewered chicken and other assorted meats – 150 to 200 Yen ($1.33 $1.77)

7) Japanese soft-serve ice cream – 250 Yen ($2.22)

Location and hours of Ameyoko Market:

Address: 4-9-14 Ueno, Taitō, Tokyo 110-0005, Japan
Hours: 10a.m.–8p.m. (Daily – reduced hours on Wednesday)
Phone: +81 3-3832-5053

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Japanese Street Food Tour of Ameyoko Market (アメ横) | Tokyo, Japan Travel Video Transcript:

The food adventures continues. Today we are bringing you to Ameya-Yokochō (アメヤ横丁) another market here in Tokyo. Apparently this one is known as Candy Seller Alley (Ameyoko – アメ横)) and they sell a lot of sweets. I’ve read that after the war this was kind of like the black market where you could come to buy your sweet potatoes and your sugar. You know kind of luxury items at the time. But we’ve been walking around here and we’re seeing lots of clothes, lots of shoes. We’ve seen a few sweets. I’m hoping we stumble upon more. But yeah it should be a fun and tasty video.

We found a stand that was serving up Takoyaki which are the little balls pancake balls with octopus. And this is something we ate a lot in Osaka. This is actually where the dish originates. So yeah we’re just going to be dressing this putting on some condiments and digging in.

So here we go. We put some of that barbecue flavored sauce, some mayo, some bonito flakes.

Second food item and we still haven’t gotten anything sweet. No. We’ve gone for Korean street food now. Yeah this one caught our eye and this one is called they sell Arirang Hot Dogs. The name of the business. And they sell different kinds of breaded hot dogs and the one that I think I ordered is going to have cheddar.

Time for me to try the chocolate covered banana. This looks so good. Look at all of those sprinkles just covered in chocolate.

So we decided to get some Yakitori meat to go along with our beers. I believe we have what is chicken and it is like doused in this sweet sauce. We’ve already had a bite. Woah! Sam has got chicken skin.

We got two ice creams for dessert. This is the first one. It is Matcha Vanilla. This one is for you Sam.

And I have some chocolate vanilla coming any second now.

Alright guys so that concludes are street food video. It turns out they don’t have as many sweets and desserts as I thought they would but we still had a good time. Got to try some new dishes. So I hope you enjoyed that and stick around for more Tokyo videos coming up soon.

This is part of our Travel in Japan video series showcasing Japanese food, Japanese culture and Japanese cuisine.

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