Japanese Food Mukbang: Foreigners try Sushi + Yakisoba + Matcha Mochi

Japanese Food Mukbang: Foreigners try Sushi + Yakisoba + Matcha Mochi

Come join us for a Japanese Food Mukbang as we try eating sushi, yakisoba, edamame, Sapporo beer, matcha green tea and matcha mochi from the comfy confines of our apartment in Tokyo, Japan. We end up picking all of these Japanese food items for our Mukbang from Ocean’s our nearby local grocery store.

After considering and having suggested by you guys to try doing a Mukbang we realize this is our first ever one we’ve done on our channel, so we should explain a bit more what exactly a Mukbang is. Basically a Mukbang is a online broadcast where the hosts eat a large amount of food while having a conversation with their audience. The idea is that the video is shot as one continuous clip as opposed to edited. So mistakes made, silly things said and other aspects of the video that would normally be edited out of a video are kept in. It is more raw and real and unedited. If you like this format of video please let us know as we’d consider making more of these in the future.

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Japanese Food Mukbang: Foreigners try Sushi + Yakisoba + Matcha Mochi Travel Food Video Transcript:

And we’re live! There is no going back at this point. This is our first ever Mukbang guys. Yes. And it is a little bit weird strange for us because we’re used to having sort of creative control over what we are doing.

A Mukbang is just basically here is the food. We’re going to eat it and we are going to chat. Chit chat.

Let’s get started.

I feel like you guys have being asking for mukbangs for a while. We just haven’t done them.

Why don’t we give a food tour of what we’ve got.

This is like assorted sushi over here. This is what I typically get for my lunch. It is really good value. It is 398 Yen. So you’re talking like less than $4 US bucks.

For this Mukbang we didn’t prepare any of the food. We just went to the supermarket across the street. I got some sushi. Some salmon.

And we got some stir fried noodles. Some Yakisoba. Some edimame beans and some kind of vegetable mash. It looks like maybe fried spinach.

For drinks I’ve got Sapporo beer. Cracked that open right now. And I got some kind of green tea. I’m hoping it is not bitter.

We did a taste test yesterday where we tried green tea products and the tea turned out to be so bitter.

Next time I think we should do another Mukbang. This has been fun. We’ll get more food.

Here we have it. The Matcha Mochi. These were so good. I know. I love those. They were like jelly. I’m going to finish my beer before we have them.

I don’t think beer and mochi go that well together. While I finish my Sapporo which is the beer I’ve probably been drinking most in Japan.

Do you guys have a favorite beer in Japan because there are a few different ones to choose from?

But anyways we’ve taken care of everything so I believe that is the end of our first Mukbang. I wonder how long that took us?

No way. Have we really been eating and chatting for a half hour. We’ve chatted your ear off. Well if you’ve stuck around that long thank you. I hope you enjoyed our first Mukbang. We had fun. It was nice to just chat. We ate a lot of food. So stay tuned. We will have more food and travel content from Japan coming very soon. Tata. 30 minute mark. Bye guys.

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