Japanese Fast Food Review: A Quick Lotteria Taste Test 🍔 | Tokyo, Japan

Japanese Fast Food Review: A Quick Lotteria Taste Test 🍔 | Tokyo, Japan

Join us for a Japanese fast review in Tokyo, Japan as we head over to Lotteria to taste test their burgers, fries, sides, drinks and desserts. So far our experience eating in Japan has been overwhelming positive. We’ve more or less liked everything we’ve tried but our winning streak ended with a visit to Lotteria.

All in all, we ended up ordering 6 burgers, fries, cheese sticks, chicken nuggets, apple pie and two sodas. The best burgers ended up being the Teriyaki burger, the shrimp burger and the double pepper patty burger. The veggie burger was dead last with a consensus that it kind of tasted like nothing aside from the bun and condiments.

The fries were decent and unfortunately we let the chicken nugget and cheese sticks sit until they got cold so they didn’t taste great but we didn’t feel we gave them a fair chance.

The ginger ale was decent enough but the melon soda tasted super artificial and nothing like a melon. The apple pie was worst of all featuring no real distinct pieces of apple and a harsh artificial apple flavour.

If you’re looking to try Lotteria you’ll find them all over Japan but to be honest it is not somewhere we’d recommend.

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Japanese Fast Food Review: A Quick Lotteria Taste Test 🍔 | Tokyo, Japan Transcript:

it is still raining here in Tokyo so we are not going to venture too too far. The plan today is to introduce you to Japanese fast food. There is a place called Lotteria. It is kind of like the Japanese version of McDonald’s. So we’re going to be going there having some burgers, some fries, seeing how fast food varies from Japan to North America.

The boys have come back with the food and I have to say the first impressions this looks a bit excessive. There is only three of us and we’ve got two tables full of food. Like three trays. Multiple burgers. Is this 6 burgers? I don’t know what they were thinking. But yeah this is going to be a massive taste test.

Alright Sam, I feel like you’re partly responsible for this. Partly. Can you tell us what kind of burgers did we order?

Did you order. So we have a burger over here that has it has some thin patties and then basically a fried what do you call that? Like a fried potato in between. A hash brown. A hash brown. That is the word I’m looking for.

What else? Then over here this looks like fish. This is the shrimp burger. Shrimp burger. Then we have a double cheeseburger here. Okay. Double cheese. Over here we have Teriyaki and mayo. That looks like a whole lot of lettuce. Yeah. And then over here that is just a regular burger. The mystery here.

What is that? I don’t know what that is. That is the Teriyaki burger. Oh, that is the Teriyaki burger. Wow. Alright.

This is going to be interesting. So I didn’t talk about the drinks or the sides. So we have a melon soda over here. It looks very artificially green. Over here is Ginger Ale. Then we have cheese sticks. We have chicken looks like chicken nuggets. Deep fried apple pie and of course classic fries and it is a pretty plain looking salad. So yeah we’ve got a lot to eat.

Honestly I do not feel the need to come back to Lotteria and I knew that already because I’ve eaten at Lotteria once before in Korea and it didn’t go well. I didn’t like it. I’m not sure why I thought it would be different in Japan.

Alright leaving dissatisfied but let’s talk about the price. The total was 3,690 Yen which comes to about $33.60 US dollars. It was a lot of food. Six burgers. That was the redeeming characteristic. It was a cheap meal. It was cheap fast food. We had burgers and a whole bunch of sides.

But it tastes cheap as well. Yeah. So mmmmm. Go to Shake Shack. Go to Shake Shack.

This is part of our Travel in Japan video series showcasing Japanese food, Japanese culture and Japanese cuisine.

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