17e4a7_4b17e35077f44e73872dc916d5c5ad55Created by Baptiste Ducommun for Klybeck, these minimalist hangers add a touch of class to any room while providing decorative flexibility.

Designed to mimic the effect of an ivy plant slowly expanding outwards and upwards, this design, appropriately called “Ivy,” allows for expansion, growth, and possibility, much like the organic plants they are based on.


Oiled oak veneer highlights their natural simplicity, while a chrome steel offers structural support. A simple two screw back mount makes them both durable and long-lasting, and at the same offers a floating, ethereal look.

The three pieces vary slightly in size and shape, and are designed to be used together in endless combinations. The “Ivy” set can be used alone, or as part of a dynamic series, also available through the Swiss company based in Basel, which offers three other similar pieces.


Both sophisticated and natural, the “Ivy” set gives a practical decorative touch to a room, but allows for flexibility in decoration, and movable and organic expansion.



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