Rewind a couple of years and cushion foundations were the beauty buzzword of the moment. In fact, you couldn’t open a magazine or walk past a Boots without the latest cushion foundation innovation slapping you in the face. Promising the coverage of a liquid foundation with the convenience of a powder compact, cushion foundations are a Korean beauty creation that promised to make it easy to achieve that perfected, glass skin effect that’s so popular in Asia. 

Of course, I was into the idea. Anything offering coverage and convenience is right up my street so I got to work testing and trialling pretty much all of the cushion foundations out there. I have to say, I was mightily disappointed. Most of the cushion foundations that I tried offered the kind of coverage that I would expect from a tinted moisturiser—that is, not much—were messy to apply using the flat applicator, and dried out insanely fast. Suffice to say, my predicted love affair with this cult K-beauty product didn’t even get off the ground and I quickly added cushion foundations to my list of beauty products that just don’t work for me.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago though when a newly launched one landed on my desk and totally transformed the way that I thought about cushion foundations for good.

Honestly, it’s only the fact that the lovely PR for NARS was raving so much about their new Natural Radiant Longwear Cushion Foundation (£25) when she handed it over that I actually decided to give it a go. Usually, cushion foundations go straight on the office grab pile or to friends and family members who prefer that lightweight coverage life. However, while I was off work last week I decided to give it a whirl and I am officially obsessed. So much so that I’ve worn it every single day since which never happens with makeup—I’m famously fickle when it comes to products. 

Promising a medium-to-full coverage, 16-hour wear and SPF 50 protection, this little compact certainly had bold claims. However, I took the photo above after 5 hours spent de-weeding my jungle of a garden (yes, I’m officially old) because I was so damn impressed with how glowy and even my skin still looked.

In fact, NARS say that this cushion foundation “wears longer, stays stronger, and looks better with each hour” and while I’d normally dismiss that as marketing spiel, in the case of this cushion foundation, I’d be inclined to agree. While it looks beautiful when first applied, it genuinely looks just as great towards the end of your day when you’ve got a bit of natural shine and dewiness on the skin too. 

And, best of all, you can press it on lightly for a natural skin look on days that you’re chilling out at home or you can layer it up and team with a red lipstick for a day of meetings in the office or a night out.

Of course, NARS are renowned for having some of the best foundations in the business so I probably shouldn’t have been surprised that they can even convert cushion foundation skeptics to the cause. Beyoncé’s makeup artist Sir John previously revealed how he swears by the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation (£35) for Queen Bey herself and Zendaya is obsessed with the cult NARS Sheer Glow Foundation (£34) for its lightweight, skin-like finish.

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The cushion foundation that totally changed my mind about this type of formula. It provides coverage, protects your skin from pollution and sun damage, and genuinely looks better with wear.

A luxurious option enriched with glycerine and hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump the skin while offering lightweight coverage. 

I’m a big fan of Bobbi Brown foundations anyway and this promises the same finish as their classic liquid foundation but in a portable compact. 

This does-it-all cushion foundation protects skin from the outside world, reduces fine lines and the appearance of spots and minimises pores and redness. Plus, that packaging is dreamy.

A genuine K-beauty cushion foundation that absorbs excess oil and conceals breakouts and pigmentation.

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