It’s Only a Week Into 2019 and Victoria Beckham Has Already Worn ALL the Outfits

Entrepreneur, designer, pop star and makeup mastermind Victoria Beckham sure is a multitalented woman. And if her latest slew of outfits is anything to go by, she can now add style oracle to that list. It might only be a week into the New Year, but VB has already fast-forwarded to the next season and donned an assortment of pieces from her pre and mainline S/S 19 collections. The rest of us, meanwhile, are still in a post-Christmas food coma and have barely managed to make it out of our pyjamas. 

However, the silver lining is that we have a chance to see what Victoria Beckham considers to be of interest for 2019. Let’s just say we’re furiously taking notes. So what can we conclude from VB’s recent fashion choices? Sheer is now the grown-up fabric choice, colour-blocking and tonal dressing are still feel fresh for 2019 and, yes you’ve guessed it, animal print is here to stay. Summer can’t come soon enough. Scroll down to see the pieces Beckham wants us to wear next year.

Style Notes: VB gives a good nod to the summer months with this breezy white cotton pairing. As well as being perfect for work (maybe throw on a cashmere knit while the weather is still chilly) the look has also inspired us to invest in a kilt-style skirt for spring. 
Style Notes: As she mentions in a recent Instagram post, these trousers make Mrs B’s legs look a mile long. We also like how she has used a pie crust blouse to add interest to the classic tailored two-piece. These items aren’t available online yet, but you can shop a similar blouse below.
Style Notes: The tuxedo dress hasn’t had much airtime over the last few years, but by wearing one of her own creations for NYE, Victoria has officially put the style back on our radar.
Style Notes: Who would’ve thought VB would be the one to make sheer pieces look grown-up? Paired with skinny jeans and black heels, the designer makes a good case for the next big thing in going-out tops (a category on the rise).
Style Notes: Rarely seen without an item of tailored clothing, this colour-blocking ensemble has us considering red as a contender for 2019’s It colour. Also, note the retro vibes of her white striped knit.
Style Notes: From colour-blocking to tonal dressing, Victoria is every inch the typical fashion designer in this head-to-toe black outfit. We’re taking two things away from this: Firstly, all blazers should be belted in 2019, and secondly, leggings are an unexpected wardrobe winner.
Style Notes: The fashion powers that be have officially spoken, and they’ve declared that animal print is sticking around for 2019. Whether you love or loathe it, you can’t help but admire VB’s elegant pairing of animal-print midi dress and powder-blue accessories.
Style Notes: You might mistake this look for a boilersuit, but it’s actually a clever shirt-and-trouser pairing. Easy to put together but with plenty of impact, we’re pretty pleased VB has put her seal of approval on the utility trend for spring/summer 2019.