Italy to Croatia Ferry from Ancona to Split

Italy to Croatia Ferry from Ancona to Split

Come join for a busy travel day as we journey from Italy to Croatia by ferry from Ancona to Split; however, we first start our day off from Venice, Italy where we board a regional train to Bologna and then change to another train bound for Ancona. In Ancona we sort out our tickets and board an overnight ferry to Split.

The ferry ride with Jadrolinija was fantastic as our rooms were just the right size. Basically, we enjoyed a 4 course meal for 16 Euros per person and then drank some wine and ate some chips before going to bed. We woke up at 5am and enjoyed some scenic views of the ferry approaching Split during sunrise before having a quick breakfast for 6 Euros per person. Upon arriving we just ended up checking into our airbnb apartment before going to sleep.

In terms of prices for everything our two train rides came to $33 USD per person and the price of the overnight ferry per person was$111 USD for a private room. We thought overall it was excellent value and if you’re looking to visit Croatia from Italy the overnight ferries are a great option to consider.

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Italy to Croatia Ferry from Ancona to Split Travel Vlog Video Transcript:

Good morning. And welcome to another travel day. We are leaving Venice today. After a week so yeah we’ve been rolling our luggage all the way to the station. So we have a busy day. An epic travel day.

We basically have two train rides. Yep. We’re first going from Venice to Bologna and then from Bologna to Ancona. And then we have a bit of time to kill and then we’re taking an overnight ferry and saying ciao to Italia. Bye Italy. Hello Croatia. Hello Croatia from Split. We have a really busy day ahead of us and we’re going to show you the whole journey.

We have such a busy day that we figured yeah we’re just going to focus on what we’re doing today and tomorrow. Let’s go catch a train.

Well welcome to Bologna. Bologna! We’ve been here a couple of years ago. Mmmhmm. And anyways we arrived on time. We’re really lucky because there were quite a few trains that were cancelled today. I’m not sure the reason. Maybe weather related.

We have arrived. We have made it in Ancona. Made it to Ancona. That train went like in beast mode. I swear it caught up on the time it was delayed by. It was so quick. But you know what sucks? What? That was like the worst first class ever. No heating. No heat. No food.

That ends the train journey and now we’ve got basically go to the ferry terminal and pick up our tickets. Yes. Let’s do that.

In terms of the price for the ferry ride from Italy to Croatia it ended up being 111 US dollars per person. There has been a change in regards to breakfast. When we traveled from Dubrovnik to Bari just a few months ago. Complimentary. Breakfast was included in the price if you got a cabin. That is no longer the case. But now it is the equivalent of 6 US dollars. We’ve got like 3 or 4 little courses so far. Bread, meat, cheese platters and we have omelets to come. Yes. We’ve all had coffee. It is not bad value and it also means that we can just check in and sleep when we arrive. We don’t have to think about breakfast.

We have made it to Split. I remember last time we were here just catching a ferry everyone was asking yeah people were asking us why aren’t you doing Split? Why aren’t you doing Dubrovnik? And that is because we were waiting for Sam’s parents. And now that they are here we’re going to check this place out properly. We’re also tired so I think we’re going to go to bed as soon as we check in so we’ll finish this off here. See you soon. Bye.

This is part of our Travel in Italy video series showcasing Italian food, Italian culture and Italian cuisine.

This is part of our Travel in Croatia video series showcasing Croatian food, Croatian culture and Croatian cuisine.

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