Italian Food Review | Our Favorite Restaurant in Venice, Italy

Italian Food Review | Our Favorite Restaurant in Venice, Italy

Join us for lunch in this Italian Food Review as we head over to our favorite restaurant in Venice, Italy to have a three course meal that included bread, appetizers, mains, wine and dessert at Osteria Mocenigo. With 11 different options to choose from in terms of the set lunch menu we all ordered something different sampling Venetian food for the first time. All in all we had the following Italian food items for lunch ordering dessert at the end:

A) Red wine
B) White wine
C) Sparkling water

A) Salad and Bread

A) Calamari
B) Fisherman’s Spaghetti (spaghetti pescatore)
C) Sardines with white polenta (Sarde in saor)

A) Panna Cotta
B) Tiramisu

Restaurant in Venice Italy Information:

Osteria Mocenigo
Address: Salizada San Stae, 1919, 30135 Venezia VE, Italy
Daily 12–3PM (lunch) & 7–11PM (dinner)
Phone: +39 041 523 1703

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Italian Food Review | Our Favorite Restaurant in Venice, Italy Travel Video Transcript:

Alright guys snowy day here in Venice. How rare. We were not expecting this but the Beast from the East has arrived. Look at all of that snow.

The plan for today we’re going to take it easy on the sightseeing. It is going to be very light. We are going to get some food. We’re hoping to find some Venetian dishes. Sam spotted a restaurant that he thought looked really good.

Trying to decide what will he eat? What will he have? There is a pretty extensive menu and I’m also munching down on the bread plate.

They have a lot of dishes with seafood. I think that is what we’re going to go for. Since this is Venice. You know we’re out on the water. It seems like a good idea. I’m hungry.

They have a really good special at this restaurant. It is 12 Euros for a set menu at lunchtime. They have how many options here?

Eleven different options to choose from. They are all really different. It ranges from pasta to seafood. I think they even have soups and salads. Special salads. We’ve ordered 4 different set menus. It comes with beverages. And with my parents. So I went for the white wine. Sam is having red. Generous amounts of wine.

My set menu came with a salad as a starter so I’ve just finished dressing it a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and some balsamic vinegar.

We’re going to start off with Dad’s. What did you get? I got calamari that is done properly. It is lightly battered. You’ve sampled it already. It is lightly cooked.

And it is not overcooked. Most calamari is overcooked so this is delicious. It is good?

It is like the batter is right there but you can really taste the calamari. That is awesome.

I’ve got a seafood spaghetti and as you can see here you can start seeing some of the seafood right in here. This one was spaghetti pescatore. The fisherman’s spaghetti. I’m just going to hack up some of these noodles here. It looks good.

It is nice to be eating seafood and just the way that it is kind of a light sauce. A sauce with herbs and dressings and you can tell it was like a little bit of olive oil in there too.

Sweet and sour sardines. I’ll just take it right over here. This is a dish that dates back to the middle ages and it is how um the fishermen would preserve, look at that, the sardines they would keep it in vinegar.

It is really tasty. I like that the raisins add a bit of sweetness to it.
The sardines are really tender.

Because our eyes are always bigger than our stomachs we got two desserts. This is outside of the set menu but we ordered the tiramisu and the pannacotta which. They are both delicious.

This meal was outstanding. One of our best meals on this trip in Europe in 2018 to be honest. In total it came to 12 Euros per person for the meal for the mains with a big glass of wine and salad. Dessert at 5 Euros each. Again excellent value.

This is part of our Travel in Italy video series showcasing Italian food, Italian culture and Italian cuisine.

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