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Getting stranded on a deserted island may seem much more appealing after exploring this seaside three-bedroom, two-bathroom, open-concept home designed by the architects at WHALE! Architecture in the Valparaíso region of Chile.

This 1,938-square-foot basic shoreline house named Casa Encallada was built in 2014 and offers an open space for a living room and kitchen, in addition to two porches, one indoor and one uncovered. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows allow for ample natural light to flow into the living spaces, and kitchen features such as the island and backsplash mirror the exterior wood siding. Natural and striped hardwood floors span the entire house.

Chile Beach - Chilean seaside home

The actual design of the structure highlights sharp angles and edges, with siding made from pine wood in varying shades to create depth and reflect the rustic surroundings of the Tunquén wetland. The nearly flat roof in contrast, flows to create a consistent image for the home and environment.

The house is situated 76 miles from Chile’s largest and capital city Santiago, tucked into a landscape enveloped by the Pacific Ocean and Tunquén wetland. Valleys encompassing rocky terrain border the home, contributing to the abandoned, yet tranquil aesthetic of the house. [Photography by Hugo Bertolotto]

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What is your favorite feature of this isolated Chilean seaside home?

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