Finally the weekend is at the reach of the hand and I am so thankful for it. This has been a busy and hectic week and I cannot wait to wind down and relax.

But before I wave you goodbye, I want to show you a soft piece, necklace I made for a colleague of mine. I rarely take orders, but agreed to make this one because I was to make a necklace of Irish roses and anemone which I love to crochet very much. She asked me to design a piece with my favourite flowers and how could I refuse that?

Anemones, Irish and other roses and buds are the flowers I turn to most when working on flowery compositions for a simple reason. They give such lovely texture and dimension to the composition and make any necklace (or bracelet / brooch) vivid, wavy, rich and lush. Especially if studded with pearls and shiny beads. What’s most important, she loved it and already wore it to work.

For a person not accepting orders, I am also making a brooch for a colleague’s DIL to match one of my necklaces she bought for her as a gift. I hope to remember to make a photo of it before giving it away. With this, I bid you farewell until Sunday. I have a lovely announcement to share!



Agoda WW