Introducing Italydesign’s Sleek New Lago Collection

Combining a modern, minimalist aesthetic with the warmth of natural wood elements, Italydesign‘s new Lago Collection includes consoles, tables, shelving, and even a unique new type of bed. The common denominator throughout is an architectural and sculptural look and feel, with sleek lacquer, glass and curved wood options. Finishes can be shiny or matte, with plenty of opportunities for customization.

Through March 31, 2019, Italydesign is offering 25% off all Lago items as well as 25% off in-stock products and special orders, and up to 50% off on select pieces.

Browse our top 10 pieces from the new Lago Collection below.

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The Fluttua Bed quite literally creates the sensation of floating on air. A single central adjustable support maintains the frame and the innovative antibacterial base, which is invisible to the eye. The bed can be installed on various kinds of walls and plasterboard and can support two people up to 300 lbs each while sleeping. Fluttua can be ordered in a variety of sizes and headboard materials.

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The Bold Table is another piece that challenges the force of gravity with its asymmetrical structure. The ultra-thin tabletop is supported by the single off-center and counter-balanced leg as well as the “shadow,” a physical black element that sidesteps the need for a larger base.

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The Air Bookshelf questions the relationship between solid and void, with weighty shelves contrasting with the transparency of the glass supports. The piece can also be reconfigured once designed, thanks to the way the shelves and glass interlock. Freestanding and finished on both sides, the Air Bookshelf can be placed in the center of a room, as above, to create a space divider.

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Shown above is an alternate version, the Air Storage 0690 Glass and Wood Bookshelf.

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The Air Shelf 0562 Glass Shelving Unit is another iteration of the Air Shelf, finished with Wildwood naturale, lacquered mandorla, and ottanio.

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The 36e8 System is a sideboard featuring rectangular modules along with distinctive 45° aluminum facing. It can be placed on the floor or suspended on extra-clear glass, as shown here. Different shapes, colors and materials can be combined to create a variety of custom looks. Shown above is a profiled door in fine Wildwood oak.

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Here, the 36e8 Sideboard is shown with a monochromatic lacquered look in a different customization.

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The corresponding 36e8 TV Unit stands out for its light, essential forms and lines. The profiled door comes in either colored glass, XGlass, or Wildwood oak.

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Shown is another iteration of the 36e8 TV Unit with Wildwood oak.

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The 36e8 Sideboard with Amaranto Polished Glass is a unique piece that can be customized in different colors and shapes.