Dakar’s International Conference Center, designed by Turkish architectural group Tabanlioglu Architects, is a beautiful homage to the country’s culture and landscape. Located in Senegal’s capitol city, the utility of this stunning complex is imbued with a deep symbolism.


The most distinctive feature is the unifying canopy, which unites the entire building complex in its shade. The intricate design is inspired by the distinctive Baobab tree, whose roots are deeply intertwined with the history of the country, even playing a role in defining its borders. The tree is a unifying theme in the complex interior design as well, honoring the tree’s importance in Senegalese culture.

On the exterior, a reflection pool at the base of the building mirrors the distinctive canopy. The reflective surface is an homage to the importance of water, but also provides a natural source of cool air for the building when a breeze hits the surface.


The Center was completed just in time for the 15th Francophone assembly. The complex covers almost 77,500 square meters and hosts a 1,500 person auditorium and a spacious conference room, as well as numerous meeting and social rooms. Floor to ceiling windows offer sweeping views of the canopy and reflection pool, with baobab trees dotted throughout the landscape beyond.












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