• GN House by Erez Segalovitz Architecture and Design
    Surrounded by houses built in the 1940’s with sloping roofs covered by concrete tiles, the GN house stands out with its bright color and modernist simple shape. The house is slightly lifted from the street level and defined by a few basic materials and colors: concrete in white, steel and aluminum in black, and wood [...] Read more »
  • Contemporary Apartment Project in Ukraine by Bogdanova Bureau
    Do you believe that color can bring joy to contemporary living? Well let’s check this stylish apartment project and decide for yourself. Fresh pastel colors, stylish decor combinations, trendy design and comfortable family ambiance with a unique spin of free space – this contemporary apartment project in Ukraine unites two flats in one artistic composition. [...] Read more »
  • A Simple Transformation that Maximised Garden Space
    Thornbury House is a contemporary home project in Australia composed by simple cubical volumes, organic materials palette ( entwinement of timber and cement sheets cladding for the upper level of the house) and stylish and minimalistic decors compose modern purity and comfort. Creating the extension and the new layout of the house the architects form [...] Read more »
  • Bergamot Restaurant Decor by YUDIN Design
    The owners of the restaurant relied on the studio YUDIN Design to create an interior that would match the offerings of their cuisine – urban food (burgers, wings), sushi, Italian cuisine, kids menu. The customer already had a name ready – BERGAMOT. He wanted the Brothers Yudin to develop the naming, concept and identity, making [...] Read more »
  • 48 Square Meter House with a Functional Interior Decor
    This house was a general set of one bedroom with one living room. With 43 square meters, this house was divided into separated bedroom, living room, kitchen room, and bathroom by three partition walls. After renovation: All partition walls were removed. Bathroom with box-concept was installed, a transparent partition book-shelf was installed, and an integrated [...] Read more »
  • Mirror Garden by Archstudio
    Archstudio transformed a small individual building situated in an old hutong neighborhood of Beijing. Due to historic reasons, there are many individual buildings in Beijing’s old districts, apart from traditional courtyard dwellings (Siheyuan) and big messy courtyards (Dazayuan). The design team replaced the original flat roof with a pitched structure, and reduced the architectural volume [...] Read more »
  • An Inserted Variable Office by LUO Studio
    LUO studio designed a micro office for a graphics printing company in Beijing, which merely occupies 9.639 square meters. Based in Beijing, where “space” is relatively expensive, the chief designer Luo Yujie has been studying how to integrate multiple functions to maximize the utilization of space. For instance, he once designed a piece of large [...] Read more »
  • MT Titlis Club by Matrix Design
    The project is a small club located in Foshan, China. By approaching the interior design based on the site and architectural conditions, Matrix Design created an exquisite, tranquil and comfortable home-like space with creative designs, providing urban elites with a fantastic destination to relax and meet friends. Based on the idea of “tranquility”, the designers [...] Read more »
  • Apartment Decor with Elegant Textures of Light Wood and Marble
    Named with the intriguing Nude Apartment name this project of MONO architects is exemplary with is open, contemporary design arrangement dominated by elegant luxury and monochrome color palette. Playing with rectangular volumes, clear lines, and open spaces, the design team created a space of tranquility and well-balanced entwinement of luxury and style. The subdued color [...] Read more »
  • Conecta House
    ‘Planeta Casa’ was the motto chosen by CASACOR São Paulo 2019 to unite affectivity, technology and sustainability. Through these pillars, the architect Ticiane Lima, who runs an office of the same name in the city of São Paulo, makes her debut in the show, which takes place from May 28 to August 04, in the [...] Read more »
  • Oak Tree House by Kennedy Nolan Architects
    Renovating and re-imagining old hoses, sometimes, one gets a work of art as a final result. This is the case with the Oak tree house project (named after the old oak tree towering above the garden of the Victorian heritage house) carried out by Kennedy Nolan Architects in a spectacular, artistic and contemporary way. Using [...] Read more »
  • Classic Style Masculine Apartment by Homecult Interior Design
    From the series – small urban apartments: a masculine, cozy and with strong modern edge this dwelling in Kiev, Ukraine has interesting decor details to explore. Thanks to a dark color palette and sparkling insertions a jazzy, luxurious feel is established. The place created by designer Viktoriya Pankova – Homecult Interior Design, offers an open [...] Read more »
  • Paris Residence Spaces Where Creatives can Live and Work
    A collaboration between Guillaume Delvigne & LALM Agence created this intriguing project of two artist’s housing studious in Paris for the French Ministry of Culture. An art project and a comfy modern home entwine into one pure and stylish experience. The design team used smoothly lined wooden cubicles to host most of the main functions [...] Read more »
  • PS. Apartment by Ki Design
    Customers wanted something light, simple, gentle, without too many details — a lot of space and air, as well as comfort and warmth.  Since the house is more than 100 years old, I wanted to keep at least some feeling of history. We could not leave the old brick walls exposed; they were too problematic. [...] Read more »
  • Kitchen Design Trends 2020 / 2021 – Colors, Materials & Ideas
    A tendency we have observed on the word’s design scene and brought to your attention in our previous articles, is that the lifestyle of modern homeowners and the new type of family’s dynamic puts the kitchen into the heart of the home – thus creating a new style of open floor arrangement and fluid motion [...] Read more »