I find November an exciting month – even though I’m not a fan of dark days, I like the coziness of the new season and it signals the beginning of Christmas which is my absolute favourite (next to summer of course!). After taking Carole Poirot‘s amazing styling and photography workshop I’m really inspired by darker colours and going to town with layers and textures. When I’m busy I tend to get caught up in doing the same old styles so experimenting again has woken up a different part of my brain. I have always used my blog as a place to share my inspirations and ideas to see how they look and see how they feel – this style feels quite natural to me, I adore colour and see the world in layers and textures so finally I feel that I’ve found a way to share what’s going on in my head!

This month I plan to start my Christmas making, as usual I always have too many ideas and not enough time. Little project piles are starting to accumulate so I plan to sit down write a big list and get projects crossed of one by one. I can’t wait to share some simple celebration ideas with you all.
To get you started here are some of my favourite projects for past years. 
These colours set my heart alight, I love the rich reds and pinks and how the rose petals are almost luminous against the dark blue background. These are the last of my roses from the garden, they’ve had a second wind lately and never looked more beautiful. The back drop is painted in Basalt by Little Green which really is an amazing dark blue colour and makes these rich colours come alive. I hope you’ve been inspired by this post as much as I have – sometimes doing something that you think isn’t ‘you’ is the best remedy for a creative rut and sets you on a path you weren’t expecting. Have a wonderful month ahead.