November is such a cosy month – the darker nights are still a novelty and the promise of Christmas just around the corner still sparks childish delight. As a maker its a busy time my mind starts whirring with ideas for decorations and wrapping, there is a pile gathering in my craft room ready with this years projects that I plan to start working on asap. 
Of course this year free time is even less of a commodity and so for this months inspired post I have created a large scale inspiration board which doubles up as seasonal decoration. I made this fabric wall hanging for a Halloween party I had with my sister – we made flower crowns and dressed our little ones up as cats. I wanted it to be a little dead looking but still really pretty as none of them are quite ready for ghosts and ghouls yet (actually, I’m still not!). 
I used old roses that I’d had in my collection, calico strips of fabric that I had pre-dyed with hibiscus tea (it’s not nice to drink but produces a really soft pink colour), oak leaves and a few fresh flowers to tie in with our crowns. I added fine wire to a stick (approx. 1 metre long) and then draped the calico ribbon over it tying together with knots when i needed more length. I then added the flowers and leaves to the top loops and hung on the wall. It was really quick and easy to do – Stanley and Milly were both awake whilst I was putting it together so I can only have taken me about 20 minutes. 
I love this time of year for bringing the seasons inside – even though the obvious beauty of summer has passed there is still plenty of inspiration to be found outside. Here’s last years Inspired, November post, its still one of my favourites. 


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