These four inspired industrial style home interiors are enriched with cool details that will help you to imagine, shape and realise your very own. From exposed brick feature walls, bespoke raw concrete creations and characterful rusty steelwork accents, to industrial style mezzanines, striking kitchen installations, laid-back lounge areas, eclectic dining room sets and creatively colourful industrial decor palettes, this inventive collection has it all. Come with us as we tour through an extravagant music lover’s romantic bohemian abode, a quirky and colour infused rustic industrial pad, a light flooded industrial loft under an enormous skylight, and a plush emerald green accented luxury industrial space.

Architect: Le House  

Measuring 180 square metres in Vietnam, this industrial style apartment Interior has an air of rock ‘n’ roll. Its “romantic bohemian” homeowner enjoys a plethora of chill out spots across a large industrial living space and upon a steel constructed mezzanine.

Exposed brickwork builds a curving feature wall and a terrific backdrop against which to display a beloved motorcycle.

A chess set offers playful interaction across the glamorous gold & silver accented modern coffee table, whilst a cat statue hints at the homeowners affectionate nature.

Two brown leather chairs sit across from a charcoal grey upholstered sofa in the lounge arrangement to fashion rich and interesting tonal layering. A large indoor plant contrasts against the red brickwork and guides the eye up to the underside of the mezzanine floor.

A steel staircase design spirals up to the mezzanine from a unique concrete bench base. Every angle of the concrete, brick and rusty steel constructed home looks like the atmospheric photographic setting of a music album cover, which tells us a lot about the artist-loving owner.

The apartment is on the 33rd floor of the building, which presented challenges for the installation of the mezzanine steel system. Both the length and height of the construction were beyond the maximum size for the hoist service and so the system was cut and reconnected on site.

Panoramic views can be enjoyed from the entire open plan living room and the length of the mezzanine. Industrial style lighting descends through the double height void to illuminate the dining area.

Raw concrete and red brick create contrast around the dining room walls.

A black marble island adds an extravagant touch to the open concept kitchen.

The mezzanine walkway lowers the ceiling height across the kitchen, where spotlights are recessed in the rich wood finish.

In addition to the master bedroom area on the mezzanine, there are also two more bedrooms in the home, for friends to stay over and for future children. In this guest bedroom, raw industrial materials are warmly highlighted by a bedside table lamp.

The main bathroom is situated on the ground floor of the apartment, where a black bathtub causes dramatic effect.

An industrial home office looks out over the mezzanine.

The workspace is situated just outside of the master suite.

There is a small home bar at the opposite end of the mezzanine.

The spiral staircase leads to the roof.

Glass pendant lights and glass tumblers shine in the light from double story windows.

Inside the master bedroom, a unique platform bed is angled toward the view.

Ground floor plan.

Multifunctional mezzanine floor plan.

Visualizer: Pavel Alekseev  

Our second industrial interior features quirky, colourful accents, like this unique green swing chair in the lounge.

Green scatter cushions and a matching throw contrast with the russet sofa upholstery. A black industrial wall sconce lights up artwork and a raw concrete backdrop. Exposed brickwork backs the bookshelf.

A rustic woodwork feature wall builds character behind the TV set and a modern TV stand.

The living room dining room combo is blessed with high ceilings and ample natural light.

small side table sets another rustic note against the raw brickwork. Bright yellow paintwork and a faux caution warning make a novel bathroom door.

An eclectic selection of dining chairs bring contrasting colour to the table.

Fire engine red paint covers and eye-catching front entrance door.

Bright yellow wall cabinets wake up a grey L-shaped kitchen.

Visualizer: Monika Homza  

An enormous skylight makes a jaw dropping sight as we enter our third featured home interior. Deep red brickwork calls attention to the depth and incredible height of the open concept space.

A mezzanine bedroom makes use of the massive ceiling height in the industrial loft, and elevates the homeowner toward the view.

A masterful black kitchen island overlooks the domain.

Visualizer: Sergei Sergeenkov  

Finally, we come to a luxury industrial interior with plush emerald green accents.

A steel ceiling grid creates an attractive trellis effect across the living room. Pendant lights drop through the gaps at differing lengths, and a modern floor lamp complements their sleek, cylindrical look.

A frame of perimeter lighting brightly spotlights an exposed brick TV wall.

The huge, upholstered, sectional sofa hugs the lounge area solidly on three sides.

A unique hexagonal coffee table and a sleek white marble table fill the centre of the chic lounge arrangement.

An industrial staircase ascends to the first floor, climbing an emerald green statement wall.

Two leather armchairs and a small side table gather on an area rug to form a snug sitting area by the fireplace at the back of the lounge.

A large wall clock dominates the concrete chimney breast.

Black painted brickwork extends the effect of the dark fireplace. See fireplace screen inspiration here.

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