If ever I needed a simple month it’s this one, I always seem to revert back to whites when I feel the need to start again. This year has been a funny one and I feel my time being 100% sucked into family life (which is no bad thing) but I do believe that as a mum you need to keep some time back for yourself even if it is just an hour a week. For me I like to spend a little time in my craft room planning and hopefully creating, my ideas are starting to come back and I have plans for furniture revamps for the garden and hopefully getting the last room in the house decorated. 
With baby number two due (all being well) in September my focus once again falls back to the inside of the house and want to get the remaining bits of renovations wrapped up whilst I still have the energy. This is the colour palette I’m planning  – soft off white shell colours to create a calm and gentle space. I hope to get it all done by the end of May so I can enjoy the summer with Stanley and get excited for our new addition to the family.
Have a great month everyone. xx