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Spending time in a cool place is very refreshing. After outdoor activities, we certainly want to rest in a comfortable place. For this purpose, of course, many people want to enjoy a warm and cozy atmosphere. One option is to rest in a cabin with a cozy and rustic interior design.

Below are a few inspiration for cozy rustic cabin interior design

Cover one part of the wall in the room by natural ornamental stone

The use of ornamental stone for the walls gives a fresh impression. In nature there is not only wood, but there are also stones. So that the presence of these decorative stones gives a more natural and fresh impression. There is no need to cover all parts of the room. You can cover only one side of the wall.

Using wood materials for walls, floors, ceilings, and furniture

The cozy and rustic cabin interior cannot be separated from the role of wood. Use wood materials for floors, walls, ceilings and furniture. Brown colored wood gives the impression of warm and comfortable room. In addition, in a cold place, the use of wood can indeed warm up the body.

Hang one modern abstract pictures

In the midst of wood materials, hang one modern abstract painting on the wall. This painting will give your room a fresh look.

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Natural design of the lighting and chandeliers

Beautiful interiors are not enough without good lighting. Use suitable lamps and chandeliers to light the room. Avoid the use of striking modern lamps. Put the lamp in a place that is not too visible. Use slightly dim lighting to give warmer look.

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Use unfinished woods for furniture

People usually use wood that has been polished so that the wood becomes shiny. Wood polishing can be done for home interiors. However, to get the impression of rustic, not all of the wood must be polished. Leave some parts or furniture made from unfinished wood.

Bunk bed for children room

For children’s bedroom you can use bunk beds. The bedroom design is certainly inspired by the tree house. The handles and sides of the bed are made as similar as possible with the wood in the tree house. The children will be very happy to be able to sleep there. It will be very comfortable and warm for the children.

Put stacks of firewood in the corner of the room

Although the firewood will not be used, it doesn’t hurt to put a stack of firewood in the corner of the room. This firewood placement can add the warm atmosphere of the room. This warm atmosphere can also be added by making a fireplace if possible.

That’s all about inspiration for cozy rustic cabin interior design. Hope the tips helpful and thank you for reading.


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