Innovative Makeup Applicators

Innovative Makeup Applicators
Today, it’s all about innovative makeup applicators. We have an electronic face scanner that detects imperfections and covers with a tint that somehow magically matches any skin tone. Next, a vibrating makeup brush versus rotating makeup brush and last but not least, makeup brushes that you hold differently to achieve perfect flawless coverage in seconds. We put all of these one to one and see what the similarities and differences are.

Products Used/Mentioned:
*Artise Elite Mirror Oval 7 Brush:
*Yubi Miracle Brush:
*Shiseido HANATSUBAKI HAKE Polishing Face Brush:
*Surratt Surreal Skin Foundation Wand:
*Opte Precision System:
*blendSMART2 Rotating Brush:
*Michael Todd Beauty Black + White Sonicblend Pro:
*Spa Sciences Sonic Makeup Brush:

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