It took me a while to find the right title for this post…”random stuff that inspired me one afternoon”  didn’t sound too catchy! We’ve recently had our patio re-done which has already made such a difference to the feel of our outside space. What was once a concrete paradise is now a really smart place to sit. The trouble is,  its so smart I don’t know what to do with it – we’re used to almost finished and a bit rough and ready so this perfect spot has thrown me! I’ve added some festoon lights, a vintage table found at a church sale (church sales are hidden gems when it comes to furniture, cake and plants) and these really great Lacko chairs from Ikea but I’m not quite sure what else it needs? I’d almost like to make it more of an outdoor room, cocooned by a giant fig tree and lots of plants, this like many of my grand ideas will take time and of course money. 
As I ponder my longterm plans I might as well talk about a current quick table laying fix that has been bouncing about my mind, bud vases. With this year being my most successful in the garden, I’m beginning to really treasure and feel proud of the plants I’m growing. As such, I want to give them a proper place to be displayed. A collection of little bud vases not only highlights the movement of each flower (like with these ranunculus) but is sophisticated move on from a jam jar (which I’m sure I’ll always have a soft spot for).  For a no fuss, I love these extra small vases from Arket , I always keep an eye out for ceramic vases from Kt Robbins and of course a few charity shop hauls never leave me disappointed.  I’m excited to see where this space and my new collection takes me over the summer.