The home is the place where we should be able to unwind and relax after a long exhausting day at work or school. So that it can serve such an important purpose, it should be filled with elements that promote rejuvenation.

One of the most common home decorating elements that effortlessly induce relaxation is plants. Countless studies have been conducted, and all of them demonstrate the undeniable power of plants to induce the release of stress-busting hormones. Such findings reinforce the notion that we humans seem to be in our best element when we are one with nature. Since not everyone has the time to go out and enjoy the scenes of the outdoors, it is wise to just bring a slice of nature into the home.

If you are now planning to use plants as home decor, aerial flora should be on your to-buy list. We present here some of the most common (and most beautiful) hanging plants available on the market today.

Boston Fern

If you have a lot of free space on your walls, and you think that decorating with big portraits of yourself or other family members is going to be overkill, then getting a Boston fern is going to work for you. This plant’s appeal lies in its generous lushness. Just bring in two or three pots of grown Boston fern and your empty space will be filled with luscious foliage that will be very easy on the eyes.

The Boston fern requires a lot of moisture, though it does not really need to be soaked in water. To avoid frequent watering, you might want to install a special watering system for these hanging plants. Together with that, it will also be wise to get home insurance to cover for the costs of possible structural and cosmetic repairs should your indoor watering system malfunction due to an accident. ‘I can’t seem to find Allstate home insurance near me,’ you say? Maybe you are not just looking hard enough. Home insurance providers, especially Allstate, are basically everywhere.

String of Pearls

The string of pearls is an easy-to-care-for succulent that got that name because it resembles a beaded necklace. When properly hung, this plant will give your space a splash of green beaded goodness. From afar, the trails that they form look like a steady flow of water from a stable source.

Just like the Boston fern, the string of pearls also thrives in moist soil. Just be careful that you don’t overdo your watering because being soaked in water is dangerous to it.

Burro’s Tail

If you are looking for something voluminous, the burro’s tail is indeed the one for you. When properly cared for, this succulent grows really full strands that softly trail down. Its leaves’ light green hue makes the plant such an easy and cool thing to look at. Aside from ensuring that it gets enough water and sunshine, you also have to protect the the burro’s tail from extremely cold temperatures.

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