Since moving into our new place, we have a lot more floor space. If you’ve been following along, you’ve probably already noticed that I am lover of rugs – the more, the merrier and the more colourful, the better! I have a particular affinity for vintage rugs and have collected some beautiful ones over the years from markets around the world. This can be time consuming (and expensive!), but now staying home to find the perfect rug has been made easier with beautifully curated online shops – this one looks fab. In particular I’m on the hunt for a large rug for our living room, but am being encouraged to tone down my vibrant ways. I’ve searched back through past house stories for some inspiration.

Side note: This above image is my most popular pin on Pinterest ever, it just keeps on giving.


This is our old living room with a rug we brought back from Marrakech.  Pretty fun, right?!


Not exactly a less bold choice, but I do like the flat weave.


This is probably the perfect compromise for us, you still get that Moroccan fluffy factor, but in a subdued palette.  I’m also still lusting after that pom-pom cushion by the way.


A neutral choice can subtly make a statement with a bold pattern, like this chevron one.


A sisal is a lovely utilitarian option and can still be bedazzled by anchoring a chaotic workspace.


What is your favourite type of rug for home? Do you fancy a shag (tee hee!) or prefer a flat weave?  Colour or neutral?  Patterned or solid?

SO many choices!!

Photography: Jacqui Turk  Production & Styling: Nicole Valentine Don



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