Melanie Burstin Makeover Takeover Emily Henderson Living Room Minimal Japanese Neutral 4

Melanie Burstin Makeover Takeover Emily Henderson Living Room Minimal Japanese Neutral 4
photo by tessa neustadt

When I was in college and family members would ask what I was planning on doing with my life (as family members do), I would proudly reveal that I was studying English literature. Anyone who received a degree in Liberal Arts might guess the popular response: “Oh, so you want to be a teacher?” My answer would be a big resounding no, leaving them scratching their heads and praying I would change my mind and switch to a more reasonable major, such as business. In my mind, the reasoning behind my choice in higher education was quite simple: I love reading and writing. When you don’t have a math brain or an inkling for science, you sort of need to stick with what you know, and reading is what I know. It turns out when you are someone like me, studying literature eventually becomes synonymous with hoarding books, so to this day, I have an absurd number of books that I hold near and dear to my heart like a coin collector would their many coins. As it so happens, displaying these books in my home has become a source of comfort. I like looking at them and being reminded of the stories within. I like seeing the wear of their spines indicating a vigorous read. I like reading them once and then reading them again. If I have somewhat lost you on what is beginning to seem like an ode to books, have no fear because I am mostly here to say books are an important styling tool that can show off your interests and personality (or, even if you don’t style with them and just let them be in their natural habitat, books are such an important part of a home). Take it from someone who will immediately scan a bookshelf in any home I enter to see what the owner is into, books can say a lot about a person and their style.

So today, I am not going to try and recruit you to participate in an EHD worldwide book club (although that would be fun…wait should we start a book club?) but instead will present to you over 70 bookcases that we really really love right now. We scoured the internet for tall and short, vertical and horizontal, slim and wide bookcases for any and all potential square footages and budgets. So, assuming you have your books and tchotchkes that need a home, let’s get you a bookcase.

Tall Vertical Bookcases

First up, we have tall vertical bookcases. In a small footprint (or any home really, no matter the size), designing “up” is a powerful tool to both save space but also create interest for the eye high and low.  #27 would be a great choice to add a ton of character, while something like #5 could be more minimal and quiet depending on how you chose to fill the shelves. Here’s a hint: bookcases will look more styled and put together when books are accompanied with other items (sorry for making you read the most boring sentence ever written, but it is true). Vessels are your book’s best friends, and decorative objects are their long lost mates. Again, there’s also nothing wrong with just cramming those shelves with books and only books—in fact, sometimes that’s the most powerful design statement you can make.

Emily Henderson Roundups Best Bookcases Tall Vertical New 2

1. Billy Bookcase with Glass Doors| 2. Douglas Tall Bookcase Solid Walnut | 3. Mid-Century 38″ Bookshelf | 4. Amalie Cabinet | 5. Apanas Hardwood Bookshelf | 6. Hemnes Glass-Door Cabinet | 7. 62″ Siegel Bookcase With Doors | 8. Vintage Brass & Glass Bookcase Etagere | 9. Zephyr Bookcase in Coal | 10. Tall Walnut Brown Wood Ashlyn Bookshelf | 11. Modrn Industrial Finna Tall Bookcase | 12. Leaning Bookshelf | 13. Madison Bookshelf | 14. Laran Bookshelf, Oak | 15. Stax Walnut Bookcase | 16. Posner Standard Bookcase | 17. Lignum | 18. Natural Acacia Wood Fletcher Bookshelf | 19. Archive | 20. 72″ Amherst Mid Century Modern 5-Shelf Bookcase | 21. St. Paul Ladder Shelf | 22. Vintage Boho Chic Bamboo Rattan Etagere Bookshelf | 23. One Step Up Bookcase | 24. Zane Wide Bookshelf | 25. Modrn Scandinavian Finna Tall Bookcase | 26. Helix Acacia Wall-Mounted Bookcase | 27. 1970s Boho Chic Wicker Bookshelf with Glass Shelves

Medium Height Bookcases

A medium-sized bookcase like any of the below would be great for additional shelving in say, a bedroom or entryway where you might want to keep your sight lines open. I am swooning over #4 (those legs!) and #2 because it looks like you can also store records on those shelves which I am very into. Also, a cabinet like #3 is a very chic alternative if open shelving is not your thing.

Emily Henderson Roundups Best Bookcases Medium Height New 2

1. 48″ Minsmere Caned Bookshelf | 2. Maud Shelf – Medium | 3. Malsjo Glass-Door Cabinet | 4. Cameron Ash Bookcase | 5. Carneal Standard Bookcase | 6. Vintage Rattan 3 Level Shelf | 7. Havsta Glass-Door Cabinet with Base | 8. Bergerson Standard Bookcase | 9. Chapple Geometric Bookcase | 10. Dahl Console Bookcase | 11. Woodcrest Etagere Bookcase | 12. Ashby Storage Cubby | 13. 66″ Paulo 4 Shelf Bookcase | 14. Archive | 15. 46″ Amherst Mid Century Modern 3 Shelf Bookcase | 16. Small Olive Green Bookcase | 17. Copenhagen Bookcase in Cherry | 18. Kirby Bookshelf

Horizontal Bookcases

Now onto the horizontals. What I like about these is you can save on space by going for a media stand that doubles as a bookshelf. I know some people don’t have TVs in their living rooms (which is wild to me by the way) but a stereo or record player could easily go on top a lot of these bad boys, as well. I have my eye on #5 and #7 because I am a sucker for weird, geometric shaped furniture, and I am really loving #21 because of the scattered shelving that adds just enough element of visual interest.

Emily Henderson Roundups Best Bookcases Horizontal New 2

1. Industrial Modular Bookcase | 2. Graywash Wood and Metal Keenan Shelf | 3. Stax Console | 4. Mainstays 34″ Conrad 3-Shelf Bookcase | 5. Maud Shelf – Low | 6. Billy Bookcase | 7. Walnut Brown Wood Ashlyn Bookshelf | 8. Harper Shelf – Medium | 9. Foshay Console Bookcase | 10. Modrn Scandinavian Finna Wide Ladder Bookcase | 11. Contender 2 Compartment Shelving Unit | 12. Florence Media Stand | 13. Novogratz Baxter 33″ Bookcase | 14. Bandit Ave Low Bookcase | 15. Hayward Bookcase | 16. 29.5″ Dudley Bookshelf | 17. 34″ Loring 8 Cube Bookcase | 18. IKEA PS 2017 Shelf Unit | 19. Long Bookcase | 20. Way Basics 2-Shelf Bookcase | 21. Amherst Mid Century Modern Horizontal Bookcase

Extra Large & Wide Bookcases

Here, we have the GO BIG OR GO HOME section for the bold and fearless (and non-spacially challenged). If you are leaning towards any of these I would venture to guess you have A LOT of books and tons of unique objects that would make me insanely jealous. Look out for #6 because it just about knocked the wind out of me it is so beautiful, and #5 is perfect if you require both open and closed storage.

Emily Henderson Roundups Best Bookcases Extra Wide Large 2

1. Studio Bookshelf | 2. Foshay Bookcase Wall Unit | 3. Hart Modular Walnut Double Shelving Unit | 4. Beckett 6-High Shelf | 5. Logan Large Wall Suite With Open Shelving | 6. Wave Bookshelf | 7. Tuscan 5-Piece Flush Bookcases | 8. Balboa Wide Shelf | 9. General Store Shelf | 10. Oak Rise Rack | 11. Reclaimed Pine Wood Bookshelf | 12. Whitewash Carved Wood Peacock Bookshelf

Okay my friends, that is all the shopping for today. What bookcases are on your radar? What is your favorite way to style a bookcase or shelf? Tell me everything.

AND BEFORE WE GO, we thought it would be fun to get a peek into your homes and see how your store your beloved books. Head on over to Instagram, snap a photo of your shelves (whether full of books or your favorite doodads), and use hashtag #ShowEmYourShelfie to make sure we see it. We’ll share our favorites throughout the day on Stories, so check back to see if you were featured.

‘Til next time. <3

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