We all hear it—that little voice in our heads that pipes up as we gaze longingly into our wardrobes, telling us we have nothing to wear—that everything is passé. Deep down, however, we know this isn’t the case. 

Most of us only wear a small percentage of our clothes. The rest? They seem to blend together to become one collective forgotten memory, only to be remembered about when an influencer you follow wears a dress similar to the one you bought from H&M a couple of years back, or when you spot someone on a night out donning heels much like the pair you treated yourself to last party season.

There’s no denying that fashion is cyclical and as such, we’ve learnt the hard way never to cast aside the items we once loved. Not only will they most likely come back into style, but you never know when you might happen across a more current way to wear them. But, in the interest of thinking ahead to the new 2019 season, our editors have come together to reveal the trends they personally won’t be investing in, instead revealing the pieces they’d rather spend their wages on. 

From the once-iconic It shoe to the knit that constantly divides opinion, scroll below to see the dated fashion trends we wouldn’t recommend buying into at this point in time. Do stash them, though, as they’ll come back around again.

“Cold-shoulder tops and jumpers have been all over  the high street for the last few years, but I feel like they’ve reached their expiry date. Don’t get me wrong, I can totally get on board with a party-ready off-the-shoulder top, but I never did warm to the cut-out styles. Instead, I’ll be championing the chunky, nerdy-chic jumper trend in all its glory: It’s not alluring, nor is it exactly elegant, but it’ll put a smile on my face.”—Joy Montgomery, Assistant Editor. 
“Please don’t think I’m hating on loafers—I love and wear my Zara pair almost every day—but the iteration I could never get my head around was the furry backless style. Living on Blightly, unexpected downpours are rife, and the thought of sloshing about London streets in these soggy shoes fills me with dread. I’m still very much here for mules, too, only I prefer to keep them minimal, with clean lines, zero soggy fur, and with a small block heel to elevate me from puddles.”—Maxine Eggenberger, Who What Wear UK Contributor. 
“While it can still look cool—see above for proof—I’m personally over the tin-foil metallics phase, which has dominated the last few party seasons. Instead, I’m much more interested in the multicolour sequins that are coming through. I love a bit of sparkle, so I know I’ll be wearing these pieces with roll necks, jeans, and shirting well into 2019.”—Isabel Mundigo-Moore, Associate Social Media Editor. 
“Although I was never all that fussed about the choker look anyway, I would steer clear of it now. Don’t worry if you’ve invested in a finer, more premium style as they always come back into fashion come summer, but for more costume pieces, I feel like the choker has had it’s day. Instead, get your extra fix with a cute hair slide. Gucci-aside, they’re an affordable way to make your look feel so now.”—Emma Spedding, Deputy Editor. 

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