Impressive Interior Design

  • Basement kitchen ideas: Creating an amazing kitchen in your basement
    Basement kitchen ideas often include a small kitchenette instead and a small basement bar instead of a full basement kitchen. Homeowners love the idea to add value to their homes and increase the interior footprint by converting their basements into kitchens. The rests of the home are their living spaces and downstairs areas are3 converted into beverage centers and kitchenettes. Often you will find a basement kitchen as a smaller part of a much larger living area. For example, you would find a small kitchenette at one end of the basement and a large family area or family theater setup... Read more »
  • Foster and Partners: The best buildings they have designed
    The world of architecture has professionals dedicated to creating wonders on their own or failing that, visionaries who create teams to take their work beyond the standard. Foster and Partners are one of those firms that stand out for a large number of jobs at the hands of different teams of professionals, being one of the most recognized worldwide, and the architect of highly relevant projects. The British master architect, Sir Norman Foster, founded the firm. His modern style that follows the trend created during the twentieth century catapulted him to fame. Usually, we can found a job from the... Read more »
  • Bahama shutters: What they are, and what are their pros and cons
    Shutters on windows are always on trend and add style to any home as well. They are more than only fashionable additions to your home décor as they have important functions too. You have two main types to choose from; indoor and exterior shutters. Shutters can be adjusted to allow specific amounts of light or sunshine into your home, while Bahama shutters, for example, give additional security, insulate your home and protect windows from elements. When you have interior shutters for interior windows the advantages are numerous as mentioned for allowing light and keep warmth inside as an additional form... Read more »
  • Backyard pavilions ideas that will beautify your green space
    There is a myriad of backyard pavilions ideas which we share for some al fresco bliss. When you allow yourself to be inspired by your surroundings you have an abundance of outdoor pavilion options to choose from. If you are uncertain what a backyard pavilion is, it is similar to a gazebo or pergola. You might look at a pavilion design and confuse it with a pergola as it has the same purpose as an open framed structure. There are a lot of pavilion plans and instructions online on how to build a pavilion as well as pavilion blueprints when... Read more »
  • Interior design portfolio examples to inspire you
    When we work in the world of design, regardless of the branch, it is essential to build an image with the projects we have done. It does not matter if there are many or few, everything will work for this. In the case of an interior design portfolio, the most important thing is that we have images of the decorative works we do, but these photos must meet certain criteria so that they are not harmful to our image. As we mentioned previously, during each decoration work, we should take pictures that we can keep in our portfolio. This will... Read more »
  • Sofa styles: Do you know the multitude of options you can choose from?
    Interior decor will show you a range of different furniture and sofa styles.  If you’re decorating, sofa styles are a great way of pinning down your style. This is because your sofa will anchor your room.  It may be hard to find exactly which types of sofas you’ll need to create the atmosphere you are looking for.  It can be harder still to explain your choice to a retailer or manufacturer. Although there are so many sofa styles available, you’ll probably notice that some styles are repeated.  These are the styles we will give names to and explain.  This will... Read more »
  • How to pick the best studio apartment furniture for an efficient space
    Studio apartment furniture is often used to create a fresh and open looking space.  Studio apartments show off a great deal about a person, showing a person’s lifestyle from the entrance.  However, studio apartments offer such perks that many are drawn to studio life. If you are drawn to the studio apartment life, and would like to know more about studio apartment furniture, we hope you find this article useful. Studio apartment furniture makes a big difference because it sets the scene for your interior from the minute you walk through the door.  A studio apartment combines living room and... Read more »
  • Buying a plant stand? Think how you’ll decorate with it.
    Plants have such a soothing effect on our minds and using them for decoration is a great way to keep yourself relaxed. They also need constant care for their proper growth. Because of closed spaces, and apartment-style living, not every one of us can have a garden area to grow plants. But there are many varieties of plant stands available these days which are a great option to bring the garden to your home. If you are a nature lover and have some passion for gardening and planting, then buy some indoor plant stands or outdoor plant stands and decorate... Read more »
  • Transitional decor: How to do it and have a great result
    The transitional decor is a balanced approach towards the modern and traditional styles of interior designing to blend it together and create a fusion which gives a comfortable and relaxing style of décor. It’s where the conventional and contemporary styles meet each other. If you are an admirer of the modern day fashion style and but the vintage classics still fascinate you, then transitional decor is the end station for your quest. The modern style interior is mostly focussed on comfort and practicality of living. The transitional decor is a combination of two different or opposite styles of décor. It... Read more »
  • Spiral Staircase: Pictures and Things You Should Know About Them
    Spiral staircases have been around for centuries and they first became increasingly popular during the Middle Ages. Although the exact date of origin of the spiral staircase is not known, the concept is believed to be around 3000 years old. Spiral staircases were mostly found in earlier days in forts and castles and were originally built as a form of protection from enemies’ attack. The small space of the curved stairs would make it difficult for any kind of ambush as only one can run up at a time. Spiral staircases are still popular in modern day construction because they... Read more »