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  • Bedroom Ideas You Should Use In Your House
    Whenever you move out to a new house, the first thing you do is figure out the bedroom ideas you want and then proceed to plan out what you want to do. Which paint, which furniture and what kind of layout you would need and want? Every bedroom has a different personality and most often than not speaks to you when you need it. Bedrooms and their character are what’s going to get you to call your new house your home.So, let’s get into it and let’s figure out possible bedroom ideas and home designs that will help you update... Read more »
  • Colors that go with green: Great color combinations
    So you’re looking for colors that go with green, right? Green is a fascinating color when it comes to the design of any room and that is because it is not in the top 5 for color popularity for any given room, yet there are some shades that are increasingly popular. Green is sometimes called the color of life or the color of relaxation. That is because the human eye can easily associate it with nature and that easily relaxes them. One of the most important factors to consider when deciding on the color scheme of a room is understanding... Read more »
  • Closet remodel ideas: A guide on remodeling closets
    Understanding your limits is key to any closet remodel. The cost of building a closet is approximately the same, no matter how intricate or simple the design might be. The main difference is in its use. Thoughtfully planned out designs will be more effective in the long run. Planning out the design will help make the best use of space and resources. Analyze the space of the room and what you need. Making a full wall closet in a small room will only make it seem crowded. So, first prioritize what you want to make space for, then decide your... Read more »
  • Bedroom Plants That Will Help You Sleep Better
    Not only is that going to help you appreciate the wildlife that surrounds you, but it can also help you in your daily routine. With our touch schedules, it can get hard for us to have a good sleep at night. Introducing bedroom plants will take care of that. With increasing success of technology around us, there’s one thing that we’re forgetting to take forward with us; nature. As humans, we’ve been destructing the gift of nature for quite a long time. While you can blame it on the industrial revolution, the problem still persists. This is why it’s important... Read more »
  • The lavender color and colors that go with lavender
    The lavender color just, just like the flowers it got its name from, is something that is easy to fall in love with. It combines the coolness of blue with the softness of pink and those two colors together create what we know as lavender purple. Just try and picture those beautiful fields of lavender flowers spreading into the distance and it immediately becomes clear why so many people choose this particular color for their home décor. Purple vs Violet Image source: Niki Papadopoulos In order to understand lavender color, we first have to be able to tell the difference... Read more »
  • Bedroom Feng Shui Ideas and Tips To Apply
    Feng Shui is a process in which one channels their energy into more productive and healthy ways. It is an Ancient Chinese practice of harmonizing one’s self with their surroundings, and bedroom Feng Shui ideas can prove to be life-altering. Feng Shui helps keep your chi, that is energy, flowing and promises a more healthy love life and peaceful existence. The article outlines some simple tips to incorporate into your home for a more balanced and harmonized household.  Let’s start with the bed:  1)A solid headboard. Image source: Estes/Twombly Architects, Inc A solid wood Headboard is ideal for a... Read more »
  • Bedroom Color Schemes You Should Check Out Before Decorating
    Bedroom color schemes. What color to choose, how to decorate with that color. Lots of decisions. Everyone has a different choice when it comes to choosing the ideal bedroom color scheme. Whenever you enter a room, the first thing you notice is the color on the walls and it has an effect on your overall mood. So here are a few ideas to consider when choosing the color scheme for your bedroom. Bedroom color schemes (a quick overview) White-Red-Black Combo Grey with a hint of color White in combination with blue Classic pink and grey Go retro with pink... Read more »
  • Using the peach color to decorate amazing interiors
    The peach color has been popular for ages now and for a good reason too. It is soothing and pleasant to look at, soft and feminine, and it pairs well with a lot of different colors and shades so it is not difficult to use it for home decoration. So what colors make peach? It is not quite pink and it is not quite orange either. Probably the closest thing to color peach would be coral color, but they are not exactly the same. Another color that peach sometimes gets confused with is apricot color, but again, we are speaking... Read more »
  • Great under bed storage ideas and options that you could try
    The lack of space is an issue every homeowner faces at some point. After all, we all continue to buy new things and we usually don’t get rid of the old ones at the same pace. However, you can’t just have all that stuff all over your apartment so you need to come up with the smart ways to store it. And where is a lot of unused space that could really help you with this cause? Well, under your bed, of course. Yes, we know that Feng shui followers don’t recommend storing things under the bed but let’s face... Read more »
  • All that you need to know about Sash Windows
    If you are a fan of old colonial architecture that gives a rustic and regal feel, you should know about Sash windows. Windows are a very crucial element of your property design. They are not there to provide a ventilation system or to help you look outside, but the window design to the aesthetics of the overall architecture and design of the building. Ideally, you would want a window design that seems aesthetically appealing, is practical and easy to maintain and goes a long way – and sash windows fit the criteria perfectly well. These beauties are a common design... Read more »


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