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  • L shaped kitchen island ideas to try in your kitchen
    If you have an L – shaped kitchen island, you will be able to make maximum use of your space.  An L shaped kitchen gives you space for your cabinets and appliances as well as a lot of counter space.  So how would an L shaped kitchen island benefit you? L shaped kitchens have walls which are set at 90% angles. An L kitchen layout is classic and extremely popular. It is also one of the most ergonomic kitchen designs, which makes it very practical and effective. Making space work Image source: Woodmaster Kitchens When you add an L... Read more »
  • How to clean a green pool:  the only guide you need
    If you have a green pool, you probably won’t want to swim.  This article is here to help you to understand why your pool is green, as well as assist you with how to clean a green pool. We’ll also show you how to balance your pool chemicals and use your pool’s circulation system so that you won’t have green pool water again. Image source: The Water Store With regular pool maintenance you’ll begin to notice when your pool is turning green.  When you spend time doing daily maintenance you’ll notice any changes in your pool’s chemical balance and... Read more »
  • Searching for the best electric fireplace? Here are the best ones
    Are you looking for the best electric fireplace to add style to your home?  From an electric wall fireplace to a free standing electric fireplace, there are lots of different options to choose from. There are so many different types of fireplaces to choose from, from an electric wood stove to a recessed electric fireplace.  If you already have an electric fireplace you might simply like to add an electric fireplace insert. Alternatively, you may like to add a modern electric fireplace to a new room.  No matter your goals, there will be a great product out there for you.... Read more »
  • The best flannel sheets you can get for your cozy room
    During colder seasons, all you will want to do is stay warm and cozy while in bed.  Winter is a time when snuggling into the best flannel sheets is a great option. The freshness of cotton may be great in summer, but in winter you’ll watch the heat seep away.  Flannel winter sheets will take you through autumn and into winter with its soft, comfy appeal. Image source: Niche Interiors Flannel remains cosy and warm because of napping.  This technique gives flannel its fuzzy surface.  This surface will create an insulating layer of warmth next to your body by trapping... Read more »
  • Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your home
    If you are remodeling or updating your bathroom, you may be looking for bathroom décor ideas.  Initially, updating your bathroom décor may feel overwhelming. However, it need not be this way.  There are many different elements to bathroom decoration, from installing showers to creating great storage ideas. Whatever changes you intend to make to your bathroom, we’re here to guide you.  Our bathroom décor ideas will inspire you to get started with your dream space. Paint Image source: Heidi Pribell Interiors One of the simplest bathroom décor ideas is paint.  When you paint your bathroom, you can completely change... Read more »
  • The butterfly chair: Tips on using it to decorate a room
    Modern design is iconic and unique in its own simple way. Just like the Hardoy Chair known as the ‘’Butterfly Chair’’. It is a one mid-century chair design we have seen each time in residential interiors all around the world. It has a story as interesting as its design. Modern. The ‘’new’’ reality loved by many and yet judged by many. Quoting ‘’new’’ because Modernism is not that new, it has been around longer than we know, longer than the phone, laptop or sparkle water. This fresh area started in the early 20thcentury when artists and innovators looked for new... Read more »
  • Get familiarized with these Italian furniture brands
    Italian furniture brands are dedicated to producing excellent products with aesthetic impact. Italy is often a leader in modern furniture brands due to the high value placed into product designs, research and technology. Combined with artistry, passion and innovation, this has meant that Italian furniture design is set to retain its excellent reputation. Top Italian furniture brands Italian homes often contain luxury Italian furniture as well as top quality accessories.  If you’re looking to create an Italian home, filled with luxury Italian furniture brands, ask an interior designer to help you to create the look you want. However, if you... Read more »
  • Yellow front door ideas for a vivid house entrance
    Would you love to add instant attraction to your home with a yellow front door?  After all, a yellow front door will add a happy atmosphere to your home.  Yellow is warm and welcoming and will send out a cheerful message to all who enter. If you would like a yellow front door, use a satin or semi – gloss paint.  This will keep your door looking warm and friendly without showing too much surface texture.  Glossy paint will give you shine but will also show up every fault within your woodwork. Why should you choose yellow front door? ... Read more »
  • Desk for a small space: Options that you can use
    Are you looking for a desk for small space purposes?  Would you like a desk to use while you pay your bills, work from home or surf the net?  Would you feel more comfortable or structured with a desk but face space constraints? If you want to add a desk to a small and confined area, you may be looking for new ideas.  You may even want to add a desk to the living room or bedroom. If you don’t have space for a home office, there’s no need to worry.  By adding a desk to a bedroom, or even... Read more »
  • Cute rooms ideas that your daughter will love
     If you have a daughter, you’ll know that cute rooms will fill her with delight.  Colors, patterns and cute accessories combine to create a world of wonder for young girls. We’re here to give you some cute decorating ideas that your daughter will adore.  You’ll be able to create the perfect room makeover for your daughter. Here are some cute room ideas your daughter will love. Use cute room ideas to create a multipurpose room Image source: Toks Aruoture When you’re thinking up cute room ideas for your daughter, think about creating more than just s space to sleep. ... Read more »

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