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  • Outdoor shower ideas to create an outdoor experience
    When it’s been hot and you’ve been very active, outdoor showers are a great way to cool down.  After a day at the beach, hiking or playing a sport, an outdoor shower offers the opportunity to relax, scrub down and rinse off.  By using a garden shower, you’ll save your bathroom from the grit and grime of the day.  And actually, nothing feels better than taking a shower outdoors. If you love spending time in the water out of doors but can’t afford a spa or a swimming pool, never fear.  An outdoor shower is available to people of all... Read more »
  • Ventless gas fireplace options you should check out
    If you’re looking to create a cozy and atmospheric mood in your home, a ventless gas fireplace is a great way to achieve this. While many people love watching a roaring fire, feel captured by the beauty of the flames, and enjoy the warmth offered on cold winter nights, the ash, smoke and constant effort it takes to keep the fire going can sometimes feel overwhelming. Gas fires offer atmosphere without the hassle and offer a range of different fuel choices.  As a result, many people are choosing to have a gas fireplace installed. Image source: Bravehart Design Build... Read more »
  • What is Hygge? (And How Does it Effect Your Home’s Interior?)
    If you have been following some of the latest household trends in the past few years, then you must have probably come across the term Hygge. This Danish concept might be difficult to pronounce at first, but you can easily get away with a ” hoo-ga”. For those of you who are still trying to figure out the meaning of this term in singular terms, it’s time to stop and look at the bigger picture. It brings together the overall feeling of comfort derived from various aspects of the house. From the well-made bed with a fleece blanket,... Read more »
  • Floating tile floor: is it better than the old-school alternative?
    Even with a pretty successful DIY portfolio behind them, many homeowners struggle with grouting, spacing, and mortaring floor tiles. Yet, they’re not willing to give up the floating tile floor idea and for a good reason – it looks wonderful! Are you ready to replace boring vinyl flooring with some neatly arranged ceramic tiles that are not attached to the substrate? If so, let us guide you through the process! Here are some tips and ideas on ceramic plank flooring that you could use: Floating tile floor –the basics Image source: Terra Nova Building Corporation How does a floating tile... Read more »
  • Best bidet toilet seats to buy for your bathroom
    Bidet toilet seats are amazing; they are easy to use and quite effective at maintaining hygiene. They are found in most Japanese households and public bathrooms for a reason. They might take some time getting used to, but once you do, they are very hard to let go. In addition to all the feel-good reasons, there have real, tangible health benefits in complete contrast to regular toilet seats. To begin with, they reduce the stress of wiping and leave you feeling clean and fresh with minimal effort. We are not here to judge anyone’s toilet habits but there are plenty... Read more »
  • Bedroom flooring ideas: what to put on your bedroom floor
    Are you in the position of decorating your bedroom and you need some bedroom decorating ideas to inspire you? I’ve been there. The floor of your bedroom is of utmost importance and a tricky thing to get right because it needs to be both comfortable to the bare feet and pleasing to the eye. Let’s look at some bedroom flooring ideas you can work with to create the most perfect bedroom. Bedroom flooring ideas Wool carpet Animal Prints Sisal carpets Carpets with Berber flecks Careful with the color Area Rugs Wooden Floor Bamboo Floor Rubber Floor Leather Floor Hardwood... Read more »
  • How to clean mattress stains: the best solutions
    After a long day at work, the one thing that you look forward to is a good night’s sleep. But, if you come home to a bed that smells rotten, a mattress that could really use some tendering techniques, and a mattress that feels like thorns on your back, you should find out how to change that stale situation. After all, it is absolutely essential that a mattress, where you spend 8 hours of your time (or more), is free of any spots and stains. Which is why here you will find out how to clean a mattress using multiple... Read more »
  • Micro apartments: Decorating ideas to make your small space feel great
    Minimalism is becoming increasingly popular, and more and more people are making the choice to move into micro apartments. However, design can be a challenge, and it can often be difficult to figure out how to decorate a compact apartment.  How, after all, can you merge a living room, bedroom and kitchen in one micro apartment? How do you ensure that you not only have all you need, but space to breathe too?  Planning how to design and decorate a small apartment will be well worth the effort in order to create a space you will enjoy. There are some... Read more »
  • The best grout sealer options you should check out
    Once you’ve installed your new tiles and your kitchen, bathroom or flooring area looks clean and fresh; you may be wondering what to do next. Should you use grout sealer to prepare your surfaces?  If so, which is the best grout sealer to use? Most tillers will not steal your newly tiled surfaces when freshly installed.  This is because the grout will need time to properly dry out or cure.  However, once your grout has dried sufficiently, using a sealer will keep it looking clean and fresh. If you are unfamiliar with tiling, you may even wonder “What is grout... Read more »
  • Bedroom storage ideas to best optimize your space
    You can have a baby villa for a room and a gigantic walk-in closet, but still, it will seem cluttered and insufficient if not managed properly. With housing prices hitting the roof you cannot just get a bigger place every time you feel like you have run out of space. Having more possessions than the space to store them is a dilemma we all face sooner or later. We do not have a spell for you that will magically organize your room and closet to the best of their capacity but we do have some stellar bedroom storage ideas that will... Read more »


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