I’m Really Behind Fashion’s Anti–Ugly Trend Movement

Let’s face it: 2018 was ugly. And I’m not talking politics (though fashion often reflects culture). I’m talking about style. A brash kind of logomania raged loudly at the centre, many brands underwent rebranding and there were just too many trends to count—including chunky sneakers. Yes, last year’s hit Balenciaga Triple S trainers spawned endless knockoffs, and the high street was wild for every kind of animal print (which was previously seen as a bit tacky). Chanel even started selling PVC bucket hats.

It was an overwhelming time, and while some chose to embrace it, others such as myself felt overstimulated by it all. Now, it feels as if a recovery period is due. Cue the minimalistic Instagram account @simplicitycity. The new simplicity movement is similar to normcore, but instead of dressing to avoid standing out, simplicity calls for minimalism with a twist. Think added chic details that make the look special or effortless pieces that speak for themselves. More importantly, it is the very opposite of ugly trends.

I spoke to Nicole Rice, the mind behind @simplicitycity, about what the movement means, why this aesthetic has gained so much popularity and how we can achieve it in our style. Keep scrolling to discover more about this trending look; then shop the simplest of essentials.

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Opening Image: Getty Images