I’m not sure when the New Look Spring collection came out, but I sure missed the announcement!  It’s a fairly small collection of looks, and fairly simple in styling, but there are a few goodies in here, especially if you haven’t found a bomber jacket pattern you like yet.  Here’s what’s new:

6540 – This dress pattern is pretty simple, but it’s a pretty effective style for using fancy lace as pictured.

6541 – This dress is bringing the peplum back.  I like the line drawing of the shaped peplum, but I’m less inclined when looking at that view on the model.  I’ll just stick to my 2012 Burdas for inspiration there.

6544 – Basic pants/skirt.  Nothing too exciting here.

6543 – Another super basic pattern.  I feel like the styling is really playing it up here, but, it’s really, it’s a pretty boring shirt.

6542 – This top is definitely checking off all the trend boxes for spring.  I do think this is a pretty decent variant; it’s not too boxy, and the sleeve ruffles are kept to a minimum.

6545 – Ok, I know there are about a billion raglan sleeve bomber jackets on the market at this point, but if you don’t already have one of them, this is a really great looking style.  I love the colored illustrations too; there are lots of great ways to mix fabrics and prints here.

6546 – The trousers are sort of dull, and the super long tank top is pretty basic, but that cardigan is really lovely.  It’s got a great shape, and the shortened sleeve length is a great choice for spring.

6547 – The leggings look to have lots of nice shaping in the waistband, and the color/print blocking is simple, but nice.  The tank also looks like a lot of workout RTW that’s popular right now, so this could be a great pattern if you are looking to make some simple, but not totally bland, exercise gear.

6549 – I never have much to say about kids clothes, but the elastic waist seems pretty practical, and the peplum top could be pretty cute on a kid.

6548 – This girls dress is pretty simple, but very cute for spring.

And that’s it!  Not a whole lot being added to the New Look offerings, but I think the bomber jacket, cardigan, and workout leggings are solid additions to the pattern line.

In the meantime, McCall’s has updated their Marfy offerings for spring.  If you are actually interested in Marfy patterns, I’d recommend looking directly at the Marfy site, or checking out Poppykettle’s blog, because she’s actually sewn some of their patterns, and her analysis of the new styles goes far more in depth than I’m about to.  The real pattern selection can be seen in their catalog, whereas McCall’s only offers a small selection through their site.  However, I find a lot of the designs quite pretty, so I’m going to throw up a few of my favorites here:

Yeah, I’m basically obsessed with the evening gowns this spring.  I also really love the asymmetric draped green dress withe the embroidery embellishment – beautiful!  I’ve yet to buy a Marfy pattern, but I do enjoy looking at all the pretty when the updates come out.

I don’t think there’s much to deliberate about here, but, as always, feel free to discuss in the comments!

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I’m not sure when the New Look Spring collection came out, but I sure missed the announcement! 


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