I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Not all high-street pieces are equal. I believe that to get the most out of affordable fashion, you need to be smart, buy wisely and not fall into faddish traps. Not everyone can save up for an expensive version of that blazer or those strappy sandals, but if you are already shopping from the high street, then you may as well make sensible decisions and add pieces to your wardrobe that go the distance. They should last season after season (no excuse for them not to if you look after your clothes and accessories well) and fit perfectly into the wardrobe you already own.

So with that being said, you can probably guess that I tend to avoid OTT trend items as a rule—and it usually pays off. Investing in classic or “basic” items is often the way forward, and I’ve noticed that many a #MangoGirl recently is taking the same tack.

Instagrammers like Sylvie Mus (pictured above) have opted for chic tailored pieces from the Spanish brand instead of the louder, printed, of-the-moment seasonal items you’ll find on every given e-commerce site. Mango is a treasure trove when it comes to tailoring anyway (most of the European labels are very good at this), but you’ll also find quality leather shoes for a decent price and some excellent neutral items that work for both maximalists and minimalists alike (everyone can agree the below ribbed vest is nearly perfect). As a note, consider getting high-street shoes re-soled before you wear them so they can last longer. So keep scrolling for the best under-£50 Mango pieces I’ve found, would buy and will 100% keep wearing well into the future.

It’s the perfect tank I was talking about.

So elegant, especially with flats.

A ’90s minimalist dream.

This looks incredibly elegant, particularly when worn with tonal accessories.

The kind of unique earrings you can wear for a lifetime because they aren’t tied to a trend.

These look so designer.

Cuteness, come to me.

This also comes in a midi size. 

A very reliable summer dress.

The right kind of comfy item that doesn’t look sloppy or lazy.

It’s now in the sale and therefore within our price range for this story!

A classic find from Mango’s plus-sized range.

Never met a Victorian-style blouse I didn’t like.

Add closed-toe flats for work and sandals for the beach.

Detailing is good, right?

Perfect for relaxing.

I’m clearly on a mission for good summer vests.

Every summer wardrobe needs a good pair of white trousers. Next up, the affordable cult brands of 2019.