The Expedit shelving units (now replaced by the Kallax system) have been a popular, budget-friendly staple in many homes, they lend themselves very well to a DIY Bookcase Makeover. Taking a basic item and making it individual, can be easily achieved especially using a readily available material such as contact paper.

One of vogue’s interior design trends for 2017 is the butterfly. By using a butterfly design contact paper and some simple styling, it is easy to turn a plain bookcase into a functional feature point and to add a little colour to any room.


  • Craft knife/Scissors
  • Contact Paper
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Self-healing mat*
  • Smoother tool*

Step 1: Measure your bookcase shelf and make a note of the dimensions.

Step 2: Using the shelf measurements, cut the contact paper to size. Use either a craft knife and a self-healing mat or a pair of scisssors.

Step 3: Slowly remove the backing paper from the contact paper and taking care to line it up with the edges, apply the contact paper to the shelf.

Step 4: Smooth over the contact paper on the shelf to make sure it is fixed into place and to create an even finish. A smoother tool can be useful here, but isn’t vital. Remember it is easy to re-position the contact paper if it isn’t quite in the right place.

Step 5: With your first shelf completed, repeat steps 1-5 until you have covered all of the shelves. You can alternate contact paper patterns to mix up the look or stick with one design.

Once all your shelves are covered, simply add items to your bookcase, such as boxes, books and baskets with magazines!

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