Do you literally dive into a pool of clothes to find out your baby’s cloth to wear? Are you looking for ways to organize baby clothes?

Well, you are in the right place. Don’t worry, we’ve collected some useful tips about baby closet organizer to save your wasted time that usually spent on a searching for your baby cloth. Take a look and try these!

1. Sort by the size/age

You might not have any doubt that you’ve either purchased or have been given baby clothes sized through the baby’s first year and beyond. Clearly divide clothes by their size or age to ensure that you don’t misplace larger clothes only to find them in the back of the closet just as they’ve gotten too small.

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2. Be flexible

Optimizing the vertical hanging space is easy thing to do when managing small baby clothes. Use a custom closet system to take advantage of that often wasted space. It will make it easy to separate clothing by type. They can also hold supplies or toys if you can manage the space well. Stacking drawers are another option that offers flexibility. Because when our child gets bigger, you’ll need to get that extra vertical space back.

3. Divide the space

Maximize vertical space on existing closet shelves by adding stacking organizers to divide the space. These are ideal for storing shoes and clothing that your little one hasn’t quite grown into yet. Make sure to label the organizers.

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4. Use your doors

Create more storage by utilizing the space on the back of the baby closet door to store and organize hats, hair accessories and other small items. An utility door & wall rack is a great option for holding everything from diapers and wipes to toys. An over-the-door organizer with clear pockets is another great way to make use of the space on your door and allows items to be found quickly when needed.

5. Plan ahead

Place a pre-labeled box for each age category/clothing size at the bottom of the closet. This makes it easy to place outgrown clothes in the appropriate box for quick identification for a future child or when donating or having a garage sale. It can also help prevent clothing of different sizes from getting mixed together.

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