This Architecturally significant home was the first collaboration between architects Albert Frey and Robson Chambers for Chambers’ personal residence. The initial structure was built in 1947 and was later added on by Chambers. Perfectly sited, the home takes full advantage of the spectacular views of the San Jacinto mountains. Floor to ceiling glass seamlessly combines the interior space with the outdoor living areas unifying the space of one, large open entertainment venue.

Photographed by Julius Shulman and featured in Mademoiselle Home 1950 and Architectural Record 1952. This property is a unique mid-century modernist home. It has gone through historic renovation and was refurbished by internationally published, interior designer, Sam Cardella.

The renovation brought it back to its original design without compromise to its integrity. This property features two bedrooms, plus a sun room with a full size foldout, a formal dining room and living room with 2 seating areas. This property is an incredible example of Frey and Chambers work.


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