Thanks to the various printed pieces that went viral last year, it’s safe to say that animal print has officially entered the mainstream style subconsciously (you can’t walk down the street without spotting at least one leopard skirt). Yet, I find that some people—many of whom consider themselves minimalist dressers—still find that they can’t quite get on board with its historical reputation as an exhibitionist print. 

I totally hear you, and it was only fairly recently that I considered wearing anything from the animal print family, but then I noticed a few industry leaders repping the trend in a totally new way. Forget print-clashing, look-at-me getups—these are undeniably cool, expensive-looking outfits that combine the likes of leopard and snakeskin with neutral colourways and pared-back silhouettes. 

The best thing about this look is that it’s super easy to pull together, as it essentially involves embracing your favourite failsafe outfit pairing—think cream knits and jeans or black trousers and shirts—then adding a flash of print. The effect is pretty striking without being OTT and paired-back but not at all boring. Have I piqued your interest? Scroll down to see the four ways the fashion crowd have been working the trend this season.

Style Notes: A suit instantly looks less corporate when layered over an animal-print base-layer. Just finish off the look with box-fresh sneakers.

Style Notes: A pair of animal-print boots is an ideal entry point to the trend. Make like this showgoer and elevate your favourite cream knit and beige trousers with a dash of snake print. 

Style Notes: A good coat has so much power to transform an outfit, and the above is the perfect example. It may pack a punch with its bold print, but the coat’s clean-lined silhouette means it harmonises with the grey shirt and tailored culottes perfectly. 

Style Notes: The pencil skirt is no longer the reserve of corporate environments and now comes in a variety of iterations. You can’t get much more impactful than a faux-leather animal-print midi, but this editor manages to make it look effortless with a neutral-coloured top.

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