It all started around a month ago when I was browsing Matches and came across Loretta Caponi’s collection of nightie-style dresses. Coming in a range of pastels and ditzy florals and finished with a sheared neckline and ruffled collar, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the traditional nighties that are sold in the market near my house. This led to me, somewhat jokingly, searching for granny nighties on Amazon, but believe it or not, it opened up a whole new world of fashion to me.

There’s nothing that designers love to do more than to take a garment of everyday use and elevate it to new heights. The Victorian-style nightie is one example, but I can think of countless 2019 trends that can be traced back to practical and decidedly “non-fashiony” roots. Just think of hiking sandals, boilersuits, cycling shorts and workwear jackets.

When I posted my nightie findings on Instagram stories, I was overwhelmed by the enthusiastic responses, which ranged from “You joke, but I actually bought one of these a couple of weeks ago and I love it,” to “This is basically what I’m wearing today.”

Of course, there were a few laughing emojis (can’t win ’em all), but on the whole, I felt pretty pleased with my discovery and decided to answer the plea of a fellow Who What Wear editor who said, “Please do a story on this.”

So I did a bit of digging and came up with a list of five real-deal cult buys that you can find on Amazon for less. I’m talking hiking sandals that were actually made for hiking (shock horror) and boilersuits designed for real-life boiler men and women. The only thing to note is that some styles are designed for men and will come up in boxier fits, so it might be best to size down where possible.

My favourite has to be the “granny” nightie (I have every intention of wearing one with Birkenstocks and a chunky chain necklace on the weekend). Scroll down to see and shop my Amazon fashion finds.

Style with chunky sandals. 

Obsessed with this pastel pink iteration.

Beige is great for autumn. Just add lace-up boots and a chain necklace.

Roll up the sleeves and prepare for compliments aplenty.

Wear with cowboy boots when autumn hits. 

This is perfect for your summer hols. 

We’ve seen so many people in white smocks this summer. 

The lace detailing makes this look vintage.

Get in our wardrobe now, please.

This would look so fab with a white tee and red neckerchief. 

This long-line style has Burberry trench coat vibes.

Go tonal and pair this with a navy roll-neck and tailored trousers. 

A pop of colour never goes amiss. 

Minimalists will love Tevas’ white offering.

Pale pink will look so nice with a white dress. 

These will go with everything from dresses to denim. 

No one needs to know these cost less than a tenner. 

Dress up with a white shirt and sandals while the weather holds out. 

Barre to brunch never looked to easy.

These look super comfy. 

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Promo Image: @hannahalmassi