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hello friends, i’ve missed you! and i want to thank you sincerely for all your very heartfelt comments and suggestions! so many of you provided just the encouragement i needed to feel valued and though i needed the downtime, i think what i realized (and you helped me to realize) most of all is that i really get a sense of purpose in writing and publishing this blog. sometimes you think you might be done, or at least in need of a serious break, but perhaps it’s exactly that break that informs you that you actually really love what you do for a living. although my sponsorships have dwindled since covid, and i don’t make the income i used to, it’s still what i love doing — seeking out inspiration and sharing it with you. what i did glean from my time away is that in order to remain authentic in what i’m sharing with you, i think it’s important it doesn’t feel forced and i’m one of those people with a strong work ethic (thanks mom & dad) so if i wasn’t posting initially two posts per day and then at least one post per day, then i wasn’t doing my job properly. but after some contemplation, i think it’s actually more valuable to you as my readers if i post only when truly inspired to share, and not force myself to create content that i’m not sure resonates as best it can with you. but i’m sure i’ll post at minimum three times a week, and sometimes more when the inspiration strikes me!

i'm back on the blog / sfgirlbybay

one of the readers said the blog was kind of a return to ‘slow social’ (thanks, michele!) and i really like the idea of that and it perfectly resonated with me. because as i’ve said, i’m one of the older bloggers out there, and honestly i have zero interest in inundating you with selfie videos or videos really of any kind — it’s simply just not my vibe. i still like instagram but it’s been kind of off-putting for me personally when i simply want to scroll through inspiring still images and instead music or voices or videos pop up uninvited and sort of ruin my zen. it might be nice if we had the option to view those (like in stories) but not in the feed. but as many of you pointed out, instagram is a wild beast where our own opinions and choices seem to hardly matter. i also always and forever love pinterest and pin there consistently, so if you like my content here on the blog, please do follow me there as it’s still one of my most satisfying creative outlets!

i'm back on the blog / sfgirlbybay

with all that said, as you kindly requested i will be continuing both instagram and the blog. i will be posting regularly each week, but perhaps not every day — or at least i can’t promise a post every single day. what i’ve gathered from so many of your very kind comments is that you really enjoy my wear this there series and you love friday finds too, so i will continue with those posts for sure. i also heard that you like the shop small posts and that’s very rewarding to hear since we’re really helping small businesses and entrepreneurs when we support them. i’ve always loved sharing travel destinations with you, too, and sadly since i’ve gone literally nowhere in a year and a half those posts have been lacking, but i’m thinking on how i might share more of those going forward (and let’s all hope travel is safe again, soon!). and, i’ll continue my interior design-themed curations as well since that is really what i think we’re all here for! as always any other suggestions are welcome! and again, i truly thank you all for each and every very kind and reassuring comment. it does not go unnoticed and i took your suggestions and appreciation sincerely to heart. it’s good to be back!

xo, victoria

• photography credits in order of appearance: Charm, June 1956 via kristine on flickr; it’s okay by @realfunwow; car radio via @chanelofficial; swimmers via the shiny squirrel; orange bougainvillea via society6 by 83oranges; slow the world down via quotesgram; all other photos by sfgirlbybay via instagram.

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