Scandinavian home accessories to hygge

Scandinavian home accessories to hygge

One of my go to places for Scandinavian home accessories is H&M.  That is of course if I don’t DIY it in the first place.  Nothing beats making your own but for some things it doesn’t make sense spending hours and money on making when you can buy it for less.  And that is where H&M home comes in.

I love H&M because their designs are simple and beautiful – of course very much in keeping with the Scandinavian aesthetic because they are Scandi after all!  Most of the time the colours they use are earthy neutrals and their home accessories are pretty budget friendly too.

sculptural stoneware vases

Autumn or fall is the perfect time to edit and refresh your home accessories.  It’s that time of year when we start spending more time indoors so adding some warmth and cosiness to your space is a great idea.  Things like throws, cushions, ceramics all add to creating a cosy home.

With that in mind, I’ve picked out some beautiful fall decor accessories from H&M that will add texture, warmth and hygge to your home. I’ve especially gone for accessories with maximum texture because texture is so important for making your space especially cosy.


Scandinavian home accessories to bring hygge to your home

Scandinavian home accessories

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1. sculptural stoneware vase  (UK readers find it here)
2. crinkled cotton bedspread  (UK readers find it here)
3. rustic stoneware cake stand  (UK reader find it here)
4. bubble plant pot  (UK readers find it here)
5. tufted cushion cover  (UK readers find it here)
6. natural jute runner rug  (UK readers find it here)
7. deep stoneware dinner plate (UK readers find it here)
8. dotty stoneware baking dish  (UK readers find it here)
9. speckled stone vase  (UK readers find it here)
10. seagrass storage basket (UK readers find it here)
11. taupe linen tablecloth   (UK readers find it here)
12. marble rolling pin (UK readers find it here)

While I love H&M home, if I had one negative to say about them, it would be that they are always short on stock for some reason.  And I’ve learned from experience that once it’s gone, it’s usually gone forever.  So if you like something, buy it when you see it – you can always return it if you change your mind.

Which is your favourite accessory?

P.S. This is NOT a sponsored post.  I’m a fan of H&M and I shop there myself so I thought I’d share my favourite seasonal finds.

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