Have you noticed that hemlines are a feature that keeps getting affected by fashion trends? In fact, it is a known fact that many economists have compared the state of hemlines in fashion to the state of economy. The saying goes that the longer the hemline, the better the economy is doing and the shorter the hemline, the lower the performance of the economy. They also went on to say that the effect of the economy on the hemline also affected the morale of the males but in reverse proportion, which means the shorter the hemline, the better the morale and vice versa. This was supposed to be a joke but still hemlines do keep changing for every season and these changes is what probably led to the introduction of the mini, the midi and the maxi. But today, we have gone beyond all that and that is why you see trends like the hi-lo dress, which has a low hem, a high hem and a medium hem all in the same dress. You have to admit that there is nothing better than an interesting irregular hem dresses for an intriguing look though some could argue that the cleavage wins in that area. But this article is not about that but about hemlines.







You have to admit that uneven hemlines are a great way to make a dress interesting and this can make the person wearing that dress look very attractive. Whether you are considering a smart skirt to wear for an evening out or soft and sensual scoop neck dresses, a hi-lo hem will keep things interesting.







The concept of a hi-lo dress is very simple – it starts out as a regular dress. which means that it has the cut on the bodice of the kind of dresses that you like. Even the sleeves and neckline are as per your choice. Then the skirt could also follow the kind of flow that you find the most flattering on your body type. Which means that it could have an abundance of frills or pleats or be sparse on this. Then comes the surprise factor. The front of the dress will look like that of a mini, which means that your legs will get center stage. Then the hem will start reaching out to the floor as it moves in the sides, but even at this stage it will be in the midway. It is only at the center of the back will it almost touch the floor.







The length of the shortest part can be determined by how comfortable you are with the extent of leg you will be showing and the kind of occasion that you are dressing for. You will find that moving around in this dress is easy but could take some getting used to before you are able to do so. Not only dresses, but also skirts and tops could also have the hi-lo effect. With tops, you will have to ensure that the hi-lo effect is a bit softer than it is for long skirts and dresses. This way it will not look very extreme but still serve to make the outfit more interesting.







Along with such outfits, you have to ensure that you have on interesting footwear so that the outfit gets the right kind of look on the whole. We are sure by now you are very intrigued with outfits with such features. But we would like to leave you with a caution – this is very youthful look and you should ensure that you do not go to extremes with it.

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