Planning to wear a vintage dress? We congratulate you on your good taste and feel that it is a good decision indeed. The reason we congratulate you on choosing to wear a vintage dress is because we feel that some of the vintage fashions though a bit different from the way fashions work today are an unabashed celebration of femininity and we all could do with a dose or two of this. But vintage fashions can be confusing because sizes and shapes were different then and you need to know the difference between modern sizes and vintage sizes in order to be able to pick a style and size that fits you well. Besides getting the sizes right, there are some more tips that you should know about, some of which we will be taking through in this article.


Do check out the sexy vintage styles that you could try so that you know the kind of choices that are available to you when it comes to wearing vintage dresses without ruining the pleasure of wearing it. This way you can be sure that you are actually wearing vintage and not just wonderful and almost vintage like wine red dresses though these have their charm too.

Here are the guidelines that you can follow to wear a vintage dress without making it look like you are wearing a costume:



Pick vintage garments that are like the current fashions: The thing is that while we may not be aware of it, big fashion houses do look at vintage fashions to get inspired for current creations. This means that while the current fashions that they design may not look entirely like vintage fashions, they do have elements of them. What we suggest is that you look at current fashions and pick vintage fashions that look like them but that also have the extra feminine touch that we all love.



Modern hairstyles and makeup: While wearing vintage fashions, you may think that it is best to go with vintage hairstyles and makeup and this could be a good idea to work with if you want a costume like effect. But if that is not what you want, then you are better off going with modern makeup and hairstyles. Or if you want a modern take on a vintage hairstyle.


Modern accessories: Vintage dresses were very charming no doubt not to mention flattering to the feminine aspects of a woman but this does not mean that the accessories of the past would also be convenient for today’s world. And we see no harm in making the two eras meet – vintage dressing with fun hairstyles and accessories of today.



Mixing separates from different eras: Just because you decide to include a vintage element does not mean that you cannot mix things a bit. For instance, you can wear a vintage skirt with a t-shirt for instance. Or a vintage blouse with a modern skirt or pants. The kind of dramatic effect that you will achieve by doing this can be a good conversation starter indeed.



Mixing vintage eras: Vintage eras from one decade to another differs quite a bit; for instance, the fashions of the 1920s were dramatically different from that of the 1960s. A great option for mixing different eras would be to study the most flattering styles of each era and mix it all together to make a complete outfit. This way you can come up with a unique outfit that is most flattering but still not ruining the pleasure of wearing one.

Do tell us what you think about what we have said; we would love to hear from you.

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