How to:  Turn a T-shirt into Macramé Market Bag

It’s Earth Day and what better way to celebrate than with an upcycled project tutorial! Our goal at Trash to Couture is to inspire a less wasteful approach to the mass-produced fashion mainstream by designing tutorials using repurposed materials whenever we can.

We’ve partnered up with Péla case to show how to upcycle a t-shirt into this macramé tote bag from a worn out t-shirt.

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Péla Case is on a mission to show people what a sustainable, eco-friendly plastic alternative can look and feel like. The cases are made with renewable plant-based and recycled materials, designed to be strong enough to protect your phone but formulated to be 100% compostable after you no longer need it. They’re NSF tested to be free of BPA, lead and cadmium because products you use should be safe for you and your family as well as the planet!

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Knot the strings closer for smaller produce or go big for a beach day bag. Even better make one to carry your engraved Péla Case covered phone and bring inspiration with you! Either way this cool bag will stand out and when someone asks where you got it from, you can say with pride my “husband’s old t-shirt!”

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