We all love to have a few pieces of attire and accessories in our wardrobe that are expensive but we feel that they are worth the investment because they are classics and will add a lot of glamor to our ensemble. This is true; leather is very expensive and rich looking but it more than makes up for the investment and upkeep by being a very interesting addition to our wardrobes and way of dressing. In fact, if you look at the 15 items every woman’s wardrobe should have, then we are sure that one of them will be an item in leather whether it is a jacket or a pair of pants or a bag or some other accessory. All you have to do is look at nubby and nimble nubuck leather outfits to know that they do require a certain amount of care in order to retain their look over time.

woman wearing leather jacket

While many of know about leather based fashions – some dos and don’ts, we do not bother to find out about the upkeep and care required for leather attire and accessories. This article is thereby dedicated to giving you tips on the care of your leather attire and accessories.

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Know about natural aging and the patina: When you invest in an item made of leather, you should know that over time, you will see that there is a certain amount of aging that occurs in leather over time. It is also called a patina and the patina that leather acquires over age is something that is considered very desirable. While you may try to create this effect artificially, it only looks good when it occurs naturally. But to ensure that this patina looks rich and right on the leather item that you own, do ensure that you maintain your leather with the regular application of natural oils that are specially put together for use on leather. This will ensure that the leather fibers stay supple over time and do not break giving the item a clumsy look.

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Polish and scratches: While we may all wish that our leather jacket or purse does not get scratched and work really hard to prevent this, it does happen and this can spoil the look of your leather attire or accessory. You can help in camouflaging the scratches and minimize the damage by applying leather polish on your leather item.

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Cleaning dirt and dust: To remove the dirt coating on leather items that may occur due to outside exposure, you can use a soft and damp cloth for the cleaning process. You can also use special leather polish applied on micro fiber cloth to remove the dust and dirt without damaging the surface of the leather.

leather shoes

Wet leather: While we all have enough sense to avoid getting a piece of leather attire or accessory from getting wet, it does happen once in a while. When this happens, let the leather dry naturally avoiding any sources of heat as this will spoil the leather. Ensure that you dry it completely before putting it back in storage. Speaking of storage, do ensure that you keep the leather item in a special soft bag and that too in a dry and cool place. If needed stuff some newspaper in the item to ensure that no moisture or humidity spoils the leather.

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What is more, when it comes to leather, you have to know that there are going to be natural markings like wrinkles and scarring on the leather as it is the skin of an animal. This way you will know the kind of care that is required for any leather item and ensure that you use the right type of care and only when required.

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