When there’s always a new trend waiting just behind the corner, a new style waiting to happen or a new look about to take the world by surprise, it’s pretty much hopeless to try to keep up with all the changes. In the spirit of helping out, we have a better idea: be original and make your home decor stand out by being timeless and trendy at the same time. You can do that with color, more exactly a color tone that’s special, like chartreuse. It’s a hybrid color resulted from the combination of green and yellow and it looks best when used in moderation.

Chartreuse is a powerful and bold color so it’s best not to overdo it when using it in your interior decor. Look for ways to incorporate it in a room’s design through small elements such as decorations or accessories. Here, for example, the family room features a shelving unit where a variety of items are displayed, including three chartreuse-colored ones.

This living room uses the color in a very different way. In this case, the unit doesn’t display colored items on its shelves but instead has a chartreuse-colored back panel which provides an eye-catching backdrop for everything put on display. There’s another interesting detail here and it has to do with the other shades of green showcased throughout the room in various different forms.

Another way to use this beautiful color in interior design is by opting for a chartreuse door for one of the spaces. It can even be the front door. It’s a refreshing idea, taking into consideration that the doors are usually overlooked and not given much thought one way or another.

Of course, there’s also the obvious choice: an accent wall. Having an entire wall painted in chartreuse can seem a bit too much but it doesn’t have to be, not as long as you know how to harmonize the decor. The secret is to keep everything else simple and neutral or to spread all the colored and eye-catching elements throughout the space instead of clustering them in one place.

The living room is not the only place where you can make chartreuse shine. Actually, the fact that this color is so unusual makes it surprisingly versatile and adaptable. Check out how great it looks in this bathroom. The wallpapered walls are definitely bright and eye-catching but they don’t overpower the space.

You can add chartreuse accents to pretty much any room of the house and you can take advantage of the curtains and window treatments to do so. When the sun touches them the color becomes even more powerful and outstanding. Be sure to balance it out with contrasting nuances and neutral tones.

We love the idea of diversity in the dining room, especially when it’s translated into colored Panton chairs and even chairs with different designs, forms and styles. In this case, the chartreuse-colored ones have an iconic and minimalist design while the two armchairs that complement it add texture and with their robustness.

Another option is to have a colored area rug. It’s a great way of completing a space and chartreuse is the type of color that would make any design stand out. Since the idea is to make the rug stand out, try not to cover it up with big furniture pieces and to allow it to be seen and admired.

Again, this is an example of how boldly-colored chairs can complement a minimalist table, in this case a kitchen island/ bar. We like the fact that the decor is mostly neutral, featuring warm wooden flooring, white cabinetry and bright-colored walls. The bar stools are the most eye-catching elements here, colored by the framed wall art which stands out in a more subtle way.

As with any accent color, you can play with it and showcase it in various different nuances and on different textures and patterns. An idea is to have a bunch of different throw pillows on a sofa, each showcasing the same accent color in its own way.

In the bedroom it can be a bit tricky to work with colors as bright and as vibrant as chartreuse. This is a space that should be soothing and relaxing in every way possible. Still, it doesn’t mean you should avoid strong colors entirely. An accent chair in one of the corners and some vividly-colored bedding wouldn’t ruin the ambiance. In fact, they can help you personalize the space.

It’s often believed that dark colors used on walls make spaces seem small and gloomy when in fact that’s just an exaggeration. We find dark-colored walls to be particularly suiting for bedrooms, as they can help set a relaxing and cozy ambiance. In that case, you should balance out the walls with a few bright accent pieces and chartreuse is a perfect color for them.

You can also use chartreuse as an accent color in order to mimic the freshness and colors of the landscape in a space with an expansive view of the outdoors. In this home office, the beautiful green lawn coordinates nicely with the lounge chair and the lampshade.

You don’t have to limit yourself to using chartreuse (or any other color for that matter) inside the house. If you truly like this color you can put on your house’s exterior walls. This would definitely impact its look. It could make your house stand out but it may also allow it to better blend in if surrounded by greenery.

Out in the garden or on the porch, a pair of chartreuse-colored chairs can let you become one with the landscape by bringing you closer to nature. The color is closely linked to greenery but it’s also bright enough to stand out a bit and to distance itself from everything that surrounds it. To make it stand out even more, you can place the chairs against a contrasting background or surround them with complementary colors. Blue seems to be a great choice in this particular case.

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