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If in everyday life, you prefer wearing comfortable clothes, wear t-shirts and jeans, we offer you some original hairstyles for short hair that will harmoniously complement your image.

Usually, stylists are unanimous in their desire to instill in us a taste. But anyway, we are with you, dear girls, always choose that fashionable hair styling, which reflects our individual style. Today short haircut has ceased to be destiny of men’s fashion. Rather, it became something average and generic. If you have short hair, it does not mean that you will approach any styling.

How to style short hair?

Let’s look at the most popular styling today and identify the most universal of them. Good styling – it’s an option that can be done in a matter of minutes. In our case we will talk about fashion styling in the style of punk chic. For this styling, you need a liquid wax for the hair comb with thick teeth.

How to style short hair?

All we need is to carefully comb your hair and apply liquid wax.

Further, forming the structure of the hair: you can lift the hair and combed it back (laying in the style of «Elvis»), to make the effect of wet waves (with fasteners), and also to create a chaotic stacking. Как сделать укладку коротких волос?

How to style short hair?

Next, the dried strands with a hair dryer and you’re done! Laying curls – another «best» type of hairstyle. The look is very romantic and create it in a matter of minutes.

How to style short hair?

If you don’t have too short hair, use hot rollers or a Curling iron. In the case of short strands will help mousse with volume effect. To Supplement a fashionable way to help a small, delicate Hoop with a bow for example. Here’s a simple and very romantic hairstyle. Even on short hair to create a hair braid. If the length of the hair strands longer than 10 cm, you can safely do your ear around the head. And the weave seemed more voluminous, complement it with a thin ribbon.

How to braid short hair in a braid? Very simple. Starting from the temple, divide the hair into three strands and begin a normal braid. The average strands knot tie a ribbon, and the edges attached to the side strands. And so zaplatim his head in a circle.

How to style short hair?

Another original variant styling short hair become retro images. To create a spectacular hair style retro make a straight parting on one side of the head. The hair must be laid with a gel for fixing. Thus, we get styling «sleek chic», which can be supplemented with silk ribbon-rim, for example.

You trendy styling and fresh ideas!