We are so excited to show you what we did with Miko Bowen‘s master bedroom! We’ve been following her on Instagram for awhile and love her cute style. With the help of Serena & Lily for the bedding basics and McGee & Co. for the rest, we set out to create a scene that was comfortable, happy, and inviting. 

When making a bed we actually start with the rug! It sets a foundation for the space, so we chose the Joliet Rug because it’s soft and cozy with a fun Moroccan vibe.

We start with the sleeping pillows and layer shams or another large sleeping pillow in front. You can also stack for a more modern look! 

We like to go beyond simply putting on the sheets and then duvet. Layering different weights creates comfort so we’ll take a quilt and layer it on top of the sheet then pull the banding over it. 

Using neutral bedding creates a blank slate and makes it easy to switch out throw pillows. We also love a white duvet cover because it always looks crisp and clean! Add a finishing touch by using a throw blanket. Whether it’s tossed to the side or thrown across the bed, it always completes the look with some texture.  

How to Style a bed

Our throw pillows usually end up on the floor, so we usually only add two or three. We love to mix it up from time to time depending on our moods. Sometimes we do two of one and a different one in the front, or sometimes we’ll do all different, and sometimes we’ll just have one long lumbar.

Styling the nightstands is essential. We love the owen side table because it’s natural and modern with an open area for extra styling and storage! 


Monokle Candle
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