Happy Monday friends!

Today I am sharing a practical and effective idea how to  organize your crochet / knitting / DIY patterns. 

You need:

1. A file binder/folder
2. A4 perforated file cases (covers/sleeves)
3.  Colourful file folder stickers / planner stickers or washi tape
4. Highlighters / markers (optional)

File binders usually have an inside cover pocket, so print out (or write) the content of your folder. I have divided mine into 4 generic categories: jewelry, accessories, clothes and home decor. You can add sub-categories like (for jewelry): necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc. 

Stick  different colour sticker next to each category. 

Put your patterns into the cases and stick the sticker that matches the relevant category. I have my patterns printed on both sides of the paper for easier handling and usage.


Now this is optional, but I find it quite useful. 

Use the highlighters to underline the row that you are at in case you have to leave your work, or tick the rows that you’ve finished. You can also write down your own notes. Once you get back to work on your project, you can easily erase these markings with paper napkins (or a whiteboard / bath sponge). 

I hope you find this idea practical and useful.

Do please share in the comments how you store your patterns.