The table is one of the most common and most versatile furniture pieces and it’s only natural to come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and dimensions. There’s no single standard height but there are a few well-defined categories. Most dining tables, for example, are 28” to 30” tall. However, if you need a tall kitchen table, consider one that has the same height as the counter or even a bar table.

Industrial Style Tall Table

Counter-height tables are usually 36” tall and they’re suitable for informal eating areas, for spaces that don’t have a separate dining room. They’re also great as additional prep surfaces when the counter space is limited or when you occasionally need more than that.

Tall Round Dining Table

Like with every other piece of furniture, there are a few things that need to be considered before purchasing a table, be it tall, small, round or however else you want it to be. For example, you should start by measuring the room as well as all the furniture that will be included in the room along with it.

Colorful Stool Seating from Felt for a tall Table

It’s important to know exactly how big or how small the room is before even looking at the available design options. Also, take into consideration the number of people that will be seated at the table most of the time. Of course, since a tall kitchen table is multifunctional and can also be used as a prep surface or even as a bar, take these functions into consideration as well.

Standing tall dining table

The shape of the table is as important as its height or overall size. Rectangular tables are the most common, being appreciated for their versatility and for the fact that they’re the best for large gatherings. Rectangular tables with narrow tops are ideal for long and narrow spaces and they can also fit in areas where no other traditional table would.

Horizon Home bar stool

However, rectangular tables also take up the most space. This might be an inconvenient in the cases when the room is small, especially considering that kitchen usually include lots of storage, large counters and various other features.

Horizon Home colored bar stools

Tall tables, be they small or large, are used in combination with bar stools. Be sure to get chairs with adjustable height if the height of the table is not standard or if you want to make sure everyone is comfortable at all times. If you want the table to also include some storage under its top, then the stools won’t fit there and you’ll also need to consider the space they occupy even when not needed.

Unfinished tall table design

Square tables are interesting in the sense that they’re pretty similar to round tables with a few exceptions. They’re appreciated for the fact that they create a comfortable ambiance, being suited for intimate conversations. However, if the table needs to accommodate more than four people, at this point you should consider an expandable design or one with a rectangular top.

Round tall table with chairs

Round tables are in general considered very cozy because they allow everyone to see the others without any effort. Still, they’re not the best for small spaces because they don’t really make the most of the room, leaving unused areas. They are also not suited for large numbers of people. But if all you want is a small table which you can use in combination with a couple of bar stools in your kitchen, it should all be fine.

Black small tall table

The usual table for four needs to have a diameter of 36” to 44”. However, if you plan on using it with one or two bar stools most of the time or to place it in a corner or against a wall, you can decrease the size to make it more practical for the kitchen.

Industrial dining table with tall base

Here’s an interesting thought: a table with adjustable height. It can prove to be a very useful feature in the kitchen. You could lower the top and use it as a regular dining table or increase the height to bring it to the countertop level. You can even make the table even taller and use it as a bar if you prefer a more casual and informal ambiance.

Recycled old table for dining

As mentioned before, you might find that a table with a long and narrow top is a more suitable option for the kitchen than a standard table. It’s all about space-efficiency. It would be ideal to have the table custom made to exactly fit the space you have in mind for it. You could even consider building the table yourself out of some reclaimed wood or some pallet boards as long as you enjoy the rustic look.

Tall narrow table and weendu stool

A tall kitchen table with a narrow top can be similar to a console. You could place it against a wall as use it as an informal breakfast nook. This one has a matching bar stool which is a stylish detail although it’s possible to create a variety of interesting options and combinations of styles and designs.

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