Are you struggling with damp spaces and wondering how to remove mold from the ceiling or walls? Indoor mold is usually the result of poor insulation, or too much condensation. It’s not pleasant to look at, bad for your health and a real problem to remove. So we spoke to a few experts at cleaning off mold, and asked the important questions for a deep clean. How do you get rid of that mold? And is bleach actually effective at removing mold?

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How to Remove the Mold with Bleach

The debate is out, does bleach do the job or not? Chlorine bleach is the first ‘go to’ for mold removal. But others say that bleach isn’t effective as it only kills off the surface mold. Does bleach really work?


Greg Shepard, the founder and president of Texas-based cleaning service Dallas Maids seems to think so. “The quick answer is yes, it will kill the mold. I think anti-bleachers point to the fact the mold is still there, it’s just now bleached white mold. However, the mold is still dead and that is what counts.” One of Shepard’s biggest tips is to make sure you have latex gloves, and especially looking up towards the ceiling, make sure you’re wearing eye protection. “To remove mold, first use paper or cloth towels to rub off the mold. Then spray bleach or a bleach-based mold remover to the affected areas. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Finally, rinse off and dry. Throw away all towels when finished.”


Removing Mold with Vinegar

For those that cannot use bleach, and those who choose not to, there are other ways to get rid of mold. Be prepared to do a lot of scrubbing, and make sure you’ve still got those gloves and goggles to hand.


“Pour distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle.” Recommends Venkat from Basement Gurus. “Spray directly on mold infested areas, and let it soak for at least 45 minutes. The idea is to soak this bad boy into the monster, so it has no chance of surviving.” Effective on mold, and soft on kids. You can make this solution even more potent by adding some water and baking soda to the vinegar solution. Let it sit, scrub, then wipe.


Borax for Black Mold Removal

Borax is “another great natural solution,” suggests Marieta Ivanova from Fantastic Cleaners in Brisbane. “The mineral powder doesn’t cost much and it can serve different cleaning purposes.” To use this method, she recommends to “mix equal parts of water and borax into a spray bottle.” Once you spray it on, let it sit for a few minutes and then scrub or wipe the mold away. Get that bathroom looking beautiful again.

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Make Sure It Doesn’t Return

Mold will keep growing back in the same place unless you can figure out why it’s such a great environment for mold. Once you have identified the cause, you’re on your way to preventing its return.


Is the roof leaking? If the roof is leaking, it needs to be repaired. Otherwise the mold will return the next time it rains.


Is there enough ventilation? In the bathroom and kitchen, prolonged condensation and a lack of air vents can lead to mold growth. Mold loves a humid environments, so make sure that air is circulating. Open the windows occasionally!


Extraction Fan

In the kitchen and bathroom, the extraction fan can help move the air out instead of letting the smells and humidity linger.


Dry Wet Areas Immediately

You may find your bathroom or areas around the kitchen sink to stay damp. Dry these areas up immediately after you’ve finished using the area, and mold will find it harder to grow.


Natural Light

Mold, unlike plants, does not require sunlight to photosynthesize. The UV light actually kills the mold spores! So let natural light flood in as much as possible to those otherwise dark and dingy areas.

With three solutions to get rid of that mold, it’s time to decide for yourself which one to try. Truth is, none of these solutions can really stop mold from growing back. It’s important to find the cause of the problem, or you’ll be scrubbing and cleaning that wall again every few months. Work out what’s causing it!


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