The idea of a closet hidden behind a curtain is relatively new to us even though it’s probably been around for quite some time. We find the idea to be fresh and full of potential. As always, there are many different ways to interpret it and we’ll have a look at some of the possibilities. Basically what’s important to remember is that closet curtains are a way to add texture to a room’s decor but also to avoid a closed-off design with solid doors. Curtains are more casual, flexible and more easily replaceable.

The interior of the closet doesn’t really interests us right now. It could only consist of a few open shelves up on a wall or a bunch of stacked boxes. A closet curtain can be the barrier between them and the rest of the room.

Speaking of rooms, there are actually quite a few possibilities to take into consideration, especially given how flexible and versatile curtains are. You could have a small closet area in the bedroom or perhaps you’d prefer to use a hallway for that. Either way, closet curtains will help with that.

You can pretty much install the curtains anywhere you want. Let’s say you already have a walk-in closet in your bedroom. You could get rid of the doors and replace them with fabric curtains. Another possibility is to create a closet area in the room which could consist of a dresser and a few shelves above it and you can hide it all behind curtains which you attach to the ceiling.

Think of these closet curtains are new opportunities to add some color, texture and coziness to a bedroom. They could match the window curtains if there are any or they could stand out and become a focal point for the room.

If you want to get fancy, there are a few interesting possibilities for this as well. For example, check out this awesome closet space featured on Jkrc. There are storage module along the walls and there’s a beautiful layer of sheer curtains which hide the contents but only partially, sort of the same way frosted glass cabinet doors work.

Curtains are a better suit than closet doors in a lot of ways and especially in the case of bedrooms where the decor and the ambiance are usually focused on being welcoming, cozy and overall comfortable. You can clearly see that in this eclectic bedroom suite featured on Susanmanrao.

What about using curtains as dividers inside a large walk-in closet? That’s definitely possible too and we found this really cool example on which showcases this very idea. The curtains delineate a separate area for shoes from the rest of the closet space which is designed to store and organize clothes and accessories.

We also find this particular closet design to be interesting as well. It’s a beach-style closet space with an open, fresh but also inviting decor. The fabric curtains besically serve to hide the contents of the storage unit and to keep the room clean and organized.

There are a lot of cool ways to make closet curtains look original. For example, instead of a standard curtain rod you could use a paddle or a beautiful long tree branch or something else entirely. How about this inspiring design idea?

Here’s another cool way to integrate closed curtains into a bedroom’s interior design. The curtains cover up the wall storage unit which is basically the closet area and then makes a turn and also covers up the windows. These are two different uses combined into one continuous and stylish design.

Instead of dividing the bedroom suite into two separate areas, one of which would be a dressing room/ walk-in closet, this house which was designed by Vaillo + Irigaray and Beguiristain uses closet curtains to maintain a continuous and cohesive floor space. Also, in this case the curtain is not only a divider between the closet and the sleeping area but an elegant backdrop for the bed which makes us think that it could also double as a headboard, visually at least.

Let’s also have a closer look at this closet which is pretty small but seems to be well-organized and quite chic as well. It has white curtains instead of doors and that helps to open up the space and to make it seem less tiny and cluttered. You can find more details about this particular closet on urbanacreage. It’s one of the many closets that we looked at today which have freestanding storage cabinets or dressers inside.

You couldn’t really tell that these white curtains don’t cover up a window but actually a closet just by looking at the space from a distance. That’s a pretty fun design detail. Also, the curtains make the sleeping area feel extra warm and cozy. We found this design on housetweaking. There’s no furniture sticking out of the closet and everything inside is easily accessible. You can even leave the curtains open if you want to. Hiding the mess is also pretty easy too.

Organizing closets is not easy. It’s actually a task that a lot of us try to ignore for as long as possible just because there’s a lot going on there. There are in fact professionals that do exactly that: help you organize and design your closet so you can make the most out of a tiny space. some of them suggest closet curtains. Designs like this one demonstrate that the idea works.

It’s not just the master bedroom that can look stylish thanks to closet curtains. You can even use this idea when designing the interior of a nursery room. Isn’t this one charming? We love the fact that there’s a special designated area for storing clothes (actually dresses in this case). You could keep the curtains simple and neutral-colored or you could turn them into focal points for the room.

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