How to plant spiral herbal gardens correctly – list with suitable plants and planting plans

Herbal Spiral gardens are not only an attractive and effective way to have always fresh and tasty herbs at hand but also a wonderful example of the application of permaculture principles. The spiral shape optimally utilizes vertical and horizontal surfaces. This makes it possible to cultivate a variety of plants in a small space to create a stable and healthy ecosystem. We’ll show you today how to properly plant a herbal spiral to provide nourishment to the nose and palate.

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The spiral motif from nature can be found in the art and architecture of many cultures – in the form of rolled up leaves, tendrils, as a representation of flowering plants, snail shells, etc. Even forms of movement can often be represented in the form of a spiral: air, water vortex but also spiral galaxies, which belong to the most beautiful structures. This is perhaps the reason why herbal spirals fascinate people in some way.

The herb snail in the garden creates its own microclimate. The tip of the spiral is mostly oriented to the south. This is the sunniest and driest place, regardless of the type of soil. He gets a lot of sunshine during the day and rainwater flows off quickly. The summit is also the most exposed to the negative weather conditions, wind and frost.

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