Choosing swimsuits for females can be challenging at the best of times, but when it comes to picking out swimwear for a youngster, the task can be even more difficult. With so many options to select from, as well as many elements to think about, it’s not as simple as just choosing the first bikini or one-piece you see. Read on for some tips you can follow today to help you find the right product for a young girl.

How to Pick a Good Swimsuit for a Young Girl

Think About Specific Needs

First up, it’s important to think about specific needs when buying a swimsuit. For example, will your daughter be swimming laps up and down a pool every day, or will a bathing suit simply be used for splashing in a backyard pool or at the beach? How the swimwear will be worn will determine what style is most suitable.

As well, consider things such as if you have preferences on how a suit will wash. Many of the popular swimsuits for girls have added embellishments, such as ruffles, bows, sequins, and the like, which typically need to be hand washed if you want them to stay looking nice over time. If you want a product that is an easy “wash and wear” option, consider this when shopping.

It also pays to look for swimsuits which are easy for children to put on by themselves, wherever possible, so that you don’t always have to help them take them on and off. The less complicated swimwear is, the better. While cute buttons and bows on products, or cross-back styles and the like can give products a more attractive design visually, be aware that they can also make items more challenging to wear.

Simple straps are typically the best option for younger children. Mix and match designs, with separate tops and bottoms, can also make it easier for children to go to the toilet without help. Mix and match options are also a good idea in that girls can have fun changing up their swimwear styles and, if one thing gets worn or needs to be replaced, you will always have something else to match with.

Examine Quality of Fabrics

It is always a good idea to examine the different types of fabrics girls’ swimsuits come in, and the safety and sun protection which is offered by the various choices. When it comes to fabrics, kids tend to like softer options which are more comfortable on their sensitive skin. Cotton blends are usually good for this, but these types of fabrics may not last as long as nylon and spandex choices, so this is something to weigh up. If you want longevity, choose a polyester blend but have your child try on the swimsuit to ensure she will be okay with the comfort level of the fabric.

As far as safety goes, if your daughter is really young, it is vital that you take care when choosing a swimsuit so that you don’t end up with a product that could cause a choking hazard. For example, some swimwear garments have tiny pieces on them like hooks, buttons, bows, snaps and various other types of embellishments. While these look pretty, if she pulls them off or if they simply come loose, they could pose a danger.

Sun protection is also important. Little ones have skin that is even more sensitive to sunburn than ours, and thereby need to be covered up. It is best, therefore, to choose fabrics which provide a more comprehensive Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF). Look for swimsuits which cover as much of the skin as possible, and which have a high UPF (a special dye added to clothing during the manufacturing process which helps to block harmful UV rays).

High-UPF fabrics also work well to protect children from the wind, scratches, and abrasions; while darker fabrics can help to provide more UV protection than lighter ones. Note though that no matter which swimming costume you purchase, you must still put sunscreen on your child to protect them properly. You should also consider purchasing swimwear accessories such as hats, rash guards, and bathing suit cover-ups for added protection from the elements.

The Right Fit is Essential

Lastly, finding the right fit is always essential when it comes to swimwear for children. It is worthwhile taking your daughter along to the shops to choose a product since many shops don’t allow bathing suits to be returned if they are not the right fit. Have your child raise her arms, sit down, twist, and bend at the waist to see if the product feels comfortable in all positions.

If you want to enjoy the convenience (and often price savings) of buying online, it is a good idea to keep buying the same brand your child has worn before, so that you know the swimwear will fit; or to shop at stores which have clear sizing guides available and/or allow you to swap items if needed.

Swimsuits that fit properly are comfortable for children and allow them to move freely; have straps that stay up easily rather than continually sliding down; are neither too tight or too loose; and which have a little bit of room in them to allow for the child to grow. If your daughter is a different size on the bottom than she is up top, it pays to purchase separate pieces so that you can get the exact right fit.

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