A house with a tray ceiling can be a selling point or a detriment, depending on how it’s styled. If styled poorly, it makes a room, whether it’s an entry way or a living room or a bedroom, feel too large and drafty. You wonder how you can ever make such an enormous space feel warm and homey. However there are ways! Tray ceilings can be styled so as to add to your home instead of making your eyes travel into space. Have a look at these 10 ways to style a tray ceiling and get an idea how you can make yours feel more like home.

Walls aren’t the only paintable surfaces of a room. When you choose to paint your tray ceiling a deep shade, you will will bring the the eye level down and the coziness level up.

Don’t assume that trim is for edging only. By putting extra trim in a grid pattern across your tray ceiling, you’re basically making smaller tray ceilings. This adds an element of architecture and therefore interest to any space.

Is your entry way tray ceiling feeling a little cold and builder grade? Cover it in metallic tiles. It’s a wonderfully simple solution that will make a huge impact on the space with only a little cash.

Nothing warms up a room like a touch of wood. Install wood beams in your tray ceiling to give your space that country down home feeling instead of an empty high rise museum look.{found on houseofturquoise}.

Shiplap is the ultimate expression of classy and country coming together in perfect harmony. Since it’s usually white, putting it on a tray ceiling will make the space feel open and airy which works especially well in small rooms.

When the rest of your room is pretty neutral, a tray ceiling is the perfect opportunity for a bit of pattern. Using trim makes your design stand out from the flat ceiling and gives your eyes a reason to look up. (via House of Turquoise)

Maybe you love tray ceilings and are looking for another space to add one. Go ahead and install one in the hallway! It gives more space to a small walk way and gives you the opportunity for lovely lighting.

You can’t go wrong with salvaged wood when you’re searching for rustic design options. Using it on the tray ceiling definitely gives your space a rustic feel while leaving the floor space for your linen and cotton furniture. (via Thistlewood Farm)

When in doubt, use wallpaper. Choose a pattern that’s neutral and proudly install it on your tray ceiling. You’ll be surprised at the high end look it gives your space!

Are you lamenting your layered tray ceiling? Stop it right now. Go ahead and splurge on the lovely large chandelier that wouldn’t fit anywhere else and enjoy all the height that layers have to offer. (via Hospitality Designs)

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